Tuesday, December 31, 2013


As the year winds down, I want to take a moment to reflect on our amazing year.  What better way than with our 13 most memorable days and moments 2013 (in no particular order...)?

1. August 11- Isaiah's birthday.  It was likely the most anticipated day of our lives, even if it was actually scheduled for 24 hours later. :)  We are constantly reminded of how lucky we are that Isaiah is here with us and as healthy he continues to grow.  It was the first day we laid our eyes on our miracle. It was the first time we held him in our arms, even if it was on a mattress pad to keep his bones safe.

2.  May 6- Wishbone Day!  This was our first of what will be many Wishbone Day celebrations.  This day showed us how many people love and support us.  We never expected how yellow our Facebook pages turned that day.  

Wondering what Wishbone Day is? Check it out here.

3.  Our 20 week ultrasound.  This was a day full of mixed emotions.  It was a day where we found out "It's a Boy!" and it was also the first of many times that we heard the phrase "possibly lethal".  It was a day where we bawled our eyes out.  It was a day where we rallied our hearts and still made ourselves have a fun "baby day" because our son was a reason to celebrate no matter what.

4.  The day Isaiah took his first FULL bottle! And burped too!!  This day has been a bit of a turning point in Isaiah's bottle feeding.  Although he's only done a full bottle three times since then (cough cough, two of those times being today, one of which he ate more than he'd get in his tube for that feeding), he's consistently been taking at least 2 ounces.  He also doesn't need nearly as many breaks and isn't thrusting his tongue nearly like he'd been.

5.  June 12- The day we were told maybe it WASN'T lethal!  This is the day Dr. Bober came from DuPont to check out Isaiah's ultrasounds.  This is the day they saw no beading on Isaiah's ribcage like what was seen weeks before at CHOP.  This is the day we were given hope by someone in the medical field.

6.  June 26- The oxygen test day.   We found out Isaiah's lungs were getting ready for life outside my belly and they were doing a ridiculously good job moving oxygen around his body.  This had been a huge concern for Isaiah's ability to sustain life and when he scored over 50%, no one could contain their excitement.

7. and 8.  Both of my amazing showers.  We were spoiled with so much love, support, gifts, and more. They were days filled with family and filled with friends.  I felt like the luckiest person in the world.

Celebrating Isaiah- Part 2

9.  December 27- The day Dave and I became Godparents.  Yup.  We are both godparents to one beautiful little girl named Keegan.  Although we couldn't both be there (since Isaiah is homebound unless he has a dr appt), I represented the two of us.  I've known Keegan's mom since first grade and her dad since freshman year of high school.  They are two of the most amazing parents, and people, that we know and love.

10.  The day Isaiah was first transported to duPont.  To me, this meant that Isaiah would truly get the help he needed for his bones.  It was his first ambulance ride.  It was the next big step in our journey with him.  

11.  Our first trip home...oh man, that moment when we put him down in his crib for the first time...  It was a whirlwind.  We got home just as the rep from the oxygen company pulled in.  We were given more information about more new machines and medical equipment.    We were exhausted.  We definitely did not have any sleep in our future though...all we could do was stare at Isaiah and stare at his machines.  Scared, grateful, intimidated, amazed.

12.  Isaiah's second stay in the NICU.  The stay that was supposed to last 3 days and ended 3 weeks later.  The stay that was supposed to be routine, but we were in the NICU "just in case" (Thank God).  It was the stay in which Isaiah turned blue.  It was when we learned the most about his respiratory needs.  

13.  The first time I got to hold Isaiah off of his mattress.  Oh, what a nerve-wracking and yet exhilarating moment.  He had wires pulling from what felt like everywhere.  It was so intimidating, yet glorious.  To think just this week I've learned to do it so casually, and that Isaiah is now able to fall asleep on me, he's so comfortable.  

We've come a long way in a year.  We started 2013 as an excited couple that was expecting their first child and we end the year as a family who is now [possibly way too] well versed in medical jargon, and yet wouldn't change it for anything...for it gives us Isaiah.  It gives us the ability to be called mommy and daddy.  It gives us what will hopefully be years with our son, our little miracle.

and to wrap it up...here's a Flipagram of my year on Instagram.

We hope you had a phenomenal 2013 and may 2014 bring you blessings, hope, and so much more.

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