Monday, December 2, 2013

Meeting the Big Guy/Our First Outing

We weren't quite sure we were going to have a "normal" Christmas this year. 

In fact, much of it won't be normal.  We won't be able to travel like we did in the past because the humidifier that keeps the air moist and warm for Isaiah's C-Pap isn't portable.  He can be off of it for a few hours but longer periods of time could dry out his nose and it'd likely get really sore.

I want Isaiah to have as normal a life as possible.  Every year when I go Christmas shopping, I slow down as I pass Santa's photo op and see the smiling kids telling Santa what they'd like this year.  I always thought to myself, "I can't wait to do that with our future kiddos."

So in order to grab just a little bit of normal, and hopefully start a Christmas tradition for our family, I contacted our local mall through Facebook.  I told them about Isaiah and asked them for help.

I asked them to allow us to come in before the mall opens so that we could take pictures with Santa without putting Isaiah in harm's way by standing in line with other families.  You see, doing that puts Isaiah at risk of the common cold, the flu, or whatever a child that stands next to us could have...and because of Isaiah's respiratory situation, something like that could develop into something dangerous for our little fighter.

The Marketing Manager, Jillian, answered me within 24 hours and got me in touch with Muriel, the Santa Set Manager. 

And with Jillian already giving the mall's blessing (their doors are already open for mall walkers), Muriel asked Santa...

He said YES!


So, this morning we got Isaiah ready.  He got a good bath, but not before checking himself out in his mirror that I rigged up...

He took a bath where he smiled and laughed his way through it...and then promptly fell asleep in his Christmas outfit.

Once it was time to go, we got in the car and made our way to the mall!

This is our first trip out as a family where Isaiah isn't going to a hospital or doctor's office!!

We ended up being there a half hour early, so we hung out on a bench in an empty area.  Apparently we're getting good at packing him up and getting places.

We passed the time by chatting about Santa Claus.

Santa makes Isaiah happy.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to Santa's set.

Look at us walking around the mall for the first time!!!!

It's here that we met Santa and Muriel.  Santa was WONDERFUL. Muriel was FANTASTIC.

They made sure Santa's set was clean for Isaiah.  Santa's suit was freshly laundered. (Nice job, Mrs. Claus!)  Even though there was already a line started at the Welcome area, they brought us past that and into the exit.

Ready for it?  Ready for Isaiah first picture meeting the Big Guy?

The photos above and below were taken by Worldwide Photography.

We will never forget this.  This Christmas where we've started our tradition to take Isaiah's picture with Santa. 

Until next year, Santa...

Thank you P.C. Center.  Thank you Muriel.  Thank you Santa Claus.


  1. loves this times a million!! park city for life!!

  2. What a awesome pic! Great job PC & Santa!!!

  3. I love it! You and Dave created a very special memory for your family!