Monday, September 29, 2014

Isaiah's Drinking Problem

I know what you're thinking, "um, isn't Isaiah a tad young for that?"

Slow your roll, friend, I'm talking about straws, sippy cups, and water. ;-)

Along with table foods, we've been working on moving Isaiah away from the bottle (of milk, people) for the last few months.  It's mostly gone well; he's gone from 4-5 bottles a day to 2-3 bottles.  Cutting naps and sleeping through the night (!!!!!!) has helped with that.  We always offer Isaiah a drink with his breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  The problem is, he just wants to play with and chew on the offered cup.

Isaiah's OT believes he'll find success with a straw.  I've tried and tried and tried.  And tried.  And tried again.  He does a beautiful job putting his lips on the straw.  I model for him...but when it comes to sucking the water in? He instead blows air out of his mouth trying to do what I do since I really exaggerate (it'd be cute if I wasn't focused on his drinking that water).  With the cups I found (thanks to pinterest), I can push the water up the straw with just a squeeze of the cup, but he's still not getting it.

I've tried being consistent with the straw cup, but he's not catching on.  After weeks and weeks of trying, I gave in to his OT's suggestion and bought some apple juice (I really didn't want to give him any drinks besides milk and water.  He has inherited my sweet tooth and I didn't want to introduce him to another way to get something sweet...but desperate times.)  I've tried just putting some of the juice in Isaiah's water...that didn't work.  I've tried giving him pure apple juice...from his straw cup and from the juice box...neither of those ideas worked.  I've tried everything multiple times.

I have racked by brain trying to think of how to help him "get it".  I've asked other moms for suggestions.  I've tried those suggestions.  Nothing.

I've started introducing sippy cups...even though his OT says he won't get it, that "a straw is easier"...I have bought 3 different sippy cups.

He just never gets it when he's eating at the table. But laying back in my lap?

He got it!  He started sucking a sippy cup!  He was surprised by the water and started laughing and wanting more.

But he's in my lap.  Whomp whomp.

This is hard.  How do I get him to understand that you don't have to be laying back in a lap to drink something?

So, any suggestions? Did anyone else have a tough time with this?  What did you find success with?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank You for Shouting LOVE!

As September winds down, we can't help but look back at how amazing it has been!  Today's post is chock full of people helping to #shoutloveforisaiah.  

Check out how good Isaiah's girlfriend and future in laws look in their shirts!

And one of my BFFs from college (Never Not Together) and her beautiful mini me.  

Look at this cutey shouting love for Isaiah! I think he is literally shouting!

There are even professional models shouting love for Isaiah! ;-)

Look at our amazing cousins shouting love! (Oh hey, did you know there are 6 people in this photo?) :-D

And these two?  I have known their mom since we first met at our bus stop for high school.  Look how great they look!

Another member of the "Never Not Together" BFF who survived being my roommate for 4 years!  That message, Be extraordinary, Life is too short for average is a pretty fantastic message for the baby hiding under it, huh?

Check out Kadie and her mini-me!  They look so good!

And Dave's amazing Aunt...look at how loud she is shouting!

We're feeling very blessed.  It's been so fun to see those we know and love sharing pictures of themselves in Isaiah's shirt.  Thank you sooo much to everyone that has purchased a shirt or shouted love for Isaiah in some way this month!  If you haven't gotten a shirt yet and want one, be sure to check out Go Shout Love's shop on their website...we only have a few days left; September is coming to an end already!

And if you have your shirt, we'd love to see you in it!  Snap a picture and post it to Instagram and/or Facebook! Tag us and if you are a fan of hashtags, tag #goshoutlove, and #shoutloveforisaiah.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Orbit Baby!

One day last week, I had left the garage open all day.  Life got ahead of me and well, what are ya gonna do?  I realized it right before my head hit the pillow (there's a reason for this random story, I swear!), but I was too lazy to head outside to watch it shut like normal so this time I just shut it from in the house and passed out for the night.

The next morning, I had a dentist appointment scheduled.  Isaiah was coming with me so I was focused on making sure I was prepared to entertain him while I had my teeth cleaned.  I was running late and just trying to go go go.  I opened the garage from the front door, and hurriedly made my way and that's when I saw it.  A pile of two green boxes.


Could it be?  YES! It is! It's the convertible car seat and rotating base that we were dreaming of. 




Guys, along with raising awareness of OI, this is the reason I signed up for Go Shout Love.  

And it's here.  At our house.  And we didn't buy it.

(UPS probably dropped it off while the garage was open and we missed it.)

I found out that the wonderful ladies at Go Shout Love made this happen.  They contacted Orbit Baby and they donated this seat and base to us.

This car seat is amazing.  A number of OI parents have recommended this seat and I've hoped for and dreamed of it for quite some time.  

The base is key.  It rotates.  Once the seat is in the car, Isaiah will still be rear-facing.  I've had nightmares about how I am going to manage to get him in and out of a rear-facing convertible car seat safely.  It's easy with the infant car seat, but a convertible car seat? Yeah, it gives me hives thinking about.

But with the Orbit Baby car seat base and the fact that it rotates?  I will be able to have the seat face me while I put Isaiah in it and then I will be able to turn his seat so he faces the back.  Getting him out? I can just turn the seat to face the door and get him out.

Holy stress reliever.

Isaiah really enjoyed sitting in the seat.  He's not quite ready to use it in the car yet...he's about half a pound shy when it comes to the weight minimum.  And going by these pictures, he looks too short too...but after I snapped them, I learned you can move the pillows down! Now the seat is a much better fit.  I'm actually very interested to see what his PT will say at this week's session.  Maybe Isaiah will be riding in style sooner than we think?

Keep eating those table foods, Isaiah, you have half a pound to gain.

Just kidding... Sort of... ;-)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Super Isaiah

Last week, after water therapy, we came home to an exciting surprise package thanks to Go Shout Love partnering with the awesome Tiny Superheroes.

Once open, we read the heartwarming message.

and pulled out Isaiah's very own cape!

It's just awesome.  It has a giant "I" for Isaiah....Super Isaiah! Incredible Isaiah!

It's amazing how proud he looked just placing that cape around his neck. :)

Isaiah wasn't feeling so great right before snapping these pictures, but is better now that his third tooth has popped through the gums.

Even with tooth pain, I'd say he looks pretty super, wouldn't you?

We need to fill out a special card that came with Isaiah's cape, telling about Isaiah's super powers.  So, what are your thoughts? Isaiah has so many super powers; which should we list to go on his Superhero card?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Go Shout Love Auction

First, I am so sorry to be posting late...I tend to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings but we are on week two of Thursday nights being kind of crazy in this house; I was warn out after last night and honestly forgot it was Friday until my phone reminded me that we had water therapy scheduled for today (thank goodness for the calendar app).

Water therapy went really great until the last 5 minutes.  Isaiah all of a sudden stuck his finger in his one ear and began screaming so we ended early because he was so upset.  I forgot to bring his pacifier with us to therapy so he really had to sooth himself...not as easy task.  He was calm once he was dry and in his stroller though...and then flipped out when I lifted him out of his car seat back at home.  I'm not sure what happened...are we working on yet another ear infection? Could his molar that is popping through his gums be causing pain and he feels it in his ear?  Could it be bone related?

His nap didn't help too much.  Isaiah woke often and upset.  We gave him some medicine which helped a bit.

While Isaiah was sleeping, I grabbed the mail and found the biggest surprise EVER!

He was very intrigued before dinner!

Pictures and details to come on Monday!  Previews can be found on Isaiah's Facebook page. :)

This week has been amazing.  To finish it out, Go Shout Love is running a Fall auction to raise money for us!

It is just chock full of the cutest items....from handmade, crocheted hats and scarves, to wreathes and headbands...there's even a flying monkey costume!

Are you wondering how it works?

-First, you need to have Instagram/a friend on Instagram and a PayPal account.

-Next, you need to follow @goshoutloveauction.

-Browse the items, if you find something(s) you like,
            -comment with your email associated with your paypal account,
            -the dollar amount you want to bid, and
            -tag the highest bidder before you.
-You can bid as high as you want in dollar amounts only (no cents).

-The auction is open to US and international bidders. US shipping will be included in your bid so you do not have to pay extra for shipping. Most donators will ask that international winners pay for any additional postage charge over the domestic postal rate. If you are int'l and win please comment with your country to notify donator so they can calculate shipping costs

-The auction started today at noon and ends Saturday, tomorrow 9/20, at 10pm EST.  

-Tagged winners will be invoiced through Paypal within 48 hours of auction ending.  Once you've paid, your email and mailing address will be sent to the donator.  You will then be contacted for any additional custom or sizing info. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery on most items unless stated longer. 

-Payment is due within 24 hours of receipt. You will be tagged when the invoice is sent. If payment is not received within that time, the item will go to next highest bidder.

-Go Shout Love is not responsible for lost or un-shipped items or items not received. By bidding on an item bidder understands refunds will not be given. 

-If you're private, please check back on your bids and stay in touch as needed since you will not receive tags and notifications. 

-Have fun!

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.  :)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a shirt or is bidding on an item.  You guys are seriously amazing. :)

And don't forget, if you've purchased a shirt, please share online! You can share on instagram, facebook, twitter....  Please feel free to tag Dave or I and tag #shoutloveforisaiah. :)

Check our Hines Ward shouting love for Isaiah! :)  

Happy Weekend! <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adaptive Equipment

Last week, in one of my support groups, I was alerted to another OI mom offering up an adaptive stroller...for just the cost of a fellow OI mom.  She remembered I had been asking around about an adaptive stroller in the group because we've been recommended to get one (due to Isaiah's back issues).  We were just starting the process of getting one but I was not so excited about it...according to many, an adaptive stroller is considered a wheel chair in the eyes of the insurance companies, and you are only eligible for help with a wheelchair every 3 years.  That means that Isaiah wouldn't be able to get a wheelchair until he was FOUR years old, and that didn't sit right with me.  What if he's ready to be independent at two? three?  Then it'd be completely out of pocket and wheelchairs aren't cheap.

This posting was a life saver.  On top of the adaptive stroller, there was also a ton of other equipment available- a bath chair, a "tomato" Tumble chair , and a pediatric positioner set (great for all kinds of supportive positions) called The Tadpole.

All for shipping.  Shipping is expensive, but not as expensive as all of this equipment would be.

But then I messaged the mom who was offering everything.  I did some google mapping.  She only lived an hour and a half away! I asked if we could come to her to get it...which saved her the hassle of finding boxes big enough for everything and dealing with the post office.

I think we were each other's life savers.

So we got in the car on Saturday morning and made our way out of state.  We even received help from Dave's dad, who met us at the house, so we had our trunk plus a whole SUV to fill!

We met our new friend, Hannah, and her mom Val. Val showed Dave and his Dad where everything was and they loaded it all into the car.  Val mentioned she had more for us at another location, so once everything was packed, we sent Dave's dad back to our house and we followed Val and Hannah to get....a little wheelchair! AHH!  And it's fantastic!  They also had a small table that went with the Tomato chair!  

Here we are hanging with Miss Hannah. :)

Isaiah was still recovering from an entire night of partying a few nights before, so he was a grump by this point.  He was also well past due for a nap, and well, I didn't pack any milk for him and he really wanted a bottle (note, I had plenty of other foods for him) since he was being a grumpy gus....we just made it a photo op:

We hung out for a bit, said our goodbyes, and headed home.  (Isaiah fell asleep within 2 minutes of getting in the car. ha)


Since then, we've been having fun checking everything out.  We don't have PT until Thursday, so until then we're only spending minimal time in all of this equipment (we want to make sure it's appropriate for him/set up correctly).

Here's the tomato chair and table:
He can reach his puzzle!

Here's a shot of the adaptive stroller, known as a Kid Kart.  The piece on the left goes in the house and attaches (somehow) to the piece on the right, which is used outside.  Isaiah's PT has a lot of teaching when it comes to this piece. :)

Isaiah really enjoys sitting in the stroller.

I had a moment really reminded me of his future wheelchair....and it broke my heart a little.  The positive is how that smile is the best medicine for a semi-broken heart.

A wheelchair, when he is ready, will give him freedom and the ability to it can stop hurting my heart now.

We've only used the Tadpole pediatric positioner as a back rest so far.  It can also be used for tummy time, but I am too intimidated to use it without Isaiah's PT, so it has to wait just a bit more. :)

He loves sitting up against it.  He kept turning and looking at it; I've never seen him turn and move so much when sitting up! We will have to do some adjusting/adding foam since this puts his back at a 75% angle and he shouldn't sit at more than a 70% angle...but once we have the foam we know Isaiah will be good to go.

The awesome wheelchair is in the garage, since we have some time before we'll be needing to come later. :)

Thank you so much, Val and Hannah, for giving us such wonderful equipment that will support Isaiah appropriately.

We are forever grateful for our OI family.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Did You Get Your Shirts?

Well, after the hoopla of last week....we enjoyed a quiet weekend!  We had a fantastic Saturday in which we drove out of state to another OI family that shared a ton of amazing adaptive equipment with to come as we check it out and get used to it. :)

In the mean time, look what came on Saturday!

We had to wait until yesterday to put them on....Isaiah was too tired from our adventure for a photo shoot.

But on Sunday we snapped this baby:

We just love the message of this shirt: "Be extraordinary.  Life is too short for average." Doesn't that just scream Isaiah?

Isaiah really likes his shirt!

Especially because he can lift it and request raspberries (as compared to the clothes he normally wears since they are all one pieces.  


We just love our shirts!  I shared all these pictures on instagram/facebook yesterday because they were too cute to wait to sorry for nothing new friends!

If you haven't ordered your shirt and would like one, you can do so on Go Shout Love's website and click on the "shop" at the bottom.

If you have gotten a shirt, please share a picture of you/your family sporting your shirts and #shoutingloveforisaiah! We love seeing you looking good in your shirts.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support


Friday, September 12, 2014


If you follow our facebook or instagram accounts, you know what's going on...

I will likely be taking a break from posting, and when I do post, my pictures will be clearly watermarked.  I found a great free app on my phone that makes it easy.

I went to the police station with Isaiah this morning.  An officer couldn't speak then but did come to our home shortly after.

That's right, the police have been notified and to my house.  They have taken print outs of everything.  

This is serious.

I will not tolerate any fraudulent behavior using my son's picture.

I know this is my fault for sharing Isaiah with the world.  and I know that there are far more people who love him than there are who do SICK PSYCHO THINGS like steal pictures and caption them like he is their son with a different name...

and I know there are many out there likely chuckling saying "told ya so".

I won't stop sharing Isaiah with the world.  But I will be doing it with watermarks from this point forward.  Spreading awareness of OI is extremely important to me, if I can help one family, it is worth it...

and I know I have helped at least one family.

I won't let one nutjob affect my life, but they are affecting my day, this post, and every picture I ever share again.  

Some people....

Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 Months

What? We're still counting months, mom? Come on.

This is embarrassing...It's not even a blog day!

Yes, Isaiah, I'm still counting.  And this is a bonus post to celebrate you. :)

This month, Isaiah has learned quite a few things! 

He's learned how to nod "yes" when we ask him questions (and he even almost has "no" down pat).

He's finally taken to table foods!  and is completely switched over to whole milk (with some added formula for calories)!

Isaiah has added the word "go" to his vocabulary...but still just laughs hysterically if I ask him if he can say "mama".

He's still sporting his 3-6 month clothes...and although he still looks good, his weight seems to have stalled out as he's still sitting at just above 14 pounds.

This kid is amazing.  He's moving a lot more and showing the world just how amazing he is.  Bones be darned!

Happy 13 months, baby boy! We love you to infinity and beyond. <3