Friday, September 5, 2014

AI DuPont Radiothon

Yesterday, Isaiah and I headed down to DuPont to help out with the 4th annual Radiothon.

Actually, we also fit in an appointment with his ENT's PA (Physician Assistant) who confirmed that Isaiah has an ear infection. whomp whomp.

You'd never know his ear was bugging him though!

After our appointment, we arrived early to the Radiothon.  The Radiothon is to raise money for AI DuPont.  Seven local radio stations were there to broadcast live and interview physicians, nurses, volunteers, patients, and families like ours.

There were all kinds of fun shenanigans going on.

We met Olaf! and Anna!  AND ELMO!  Isaiah loved Elmo.  We were so busy interacting that I didn't get to snap a picture.  (But it gave me hope that Isaiah will love when he finally meets Mickey.)

We were interviewed on 3 radio stations.  Deleware 105.9, WDEL 1150AM, and WSTW 93.7.

I mostly babbled but I tried to inform the listeners both of how wonderful DuPont is and on what OI is.

Always spreading awareness. ;-)

We had a wonderful time and know that they surpassed their goal for this year and raised $257,753!

We love DuPont; it's our "safe place".

It's the place where Isaiah doesn't get tons of stares.

It's the hospital that parents from around the world bring their kids to because, well, they are that good! (Seriously, we've met people from China who come to DuPont for care.  China.)

It's the place that doctors, nurses, cafeteria employees, and more know us by name when walking the halls.  It could be because Isaiah is so darn adorable, it could be because I am a crazy lady, or it could be because that's just the kind of personalized care you receive there.  You are remembered.  You are not just a file or an insurance card.

It's the place that has doctors and nurses who listen to parents.

It's amazing.

I truly don't know where we'd be if the other OI parents hadn't recommended DuPont to us.  DuPont is almost 2 hours away from our home and is so worth the drive.

We're lucky to have such an amazing hospital to bring our son to.  Thank you Holly and Sarah for inviting us to help DuPont for a change.  If you ever need anything else from us, please don't hesitate to ask.


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