Friday, September 12, 2014


If you follow our facebook or instagram accounts, you know what's going on...

I will likely be taking a break from posting, and when I do post, my pictures will be clearly watermarked.  I found a great free app on my phone that makes it easy.

I went to the police station with Isaiah this morning.  An officer couldn't speak then but did come to our home shortly after.

That's right, the police have been notified and to my house.  They have taken print outs of everything.  

This is serious.

I will not tolerate any fraudulent behavior using my son's picture.

I know this is my fault for sharing Isaiah with the world.  and I know that there are far more people who love him than there are who do SICK PSYCHO THINGS like steal pictures and caption them like he is their son with a different name...

and I know there are many out there likely chuckling saying "told ya so".

I won't stop sharing Isaiah with the world.  But I will be doing it with watermarks from this point forward.  Spreading awareness of OI is extremely important to me, if I can help one family, it is worth it...

and I know I have helped at least one family.

I won't let one nutjob affect my life, but they are affecting my day, this post, and every picture I ever share again.  

Some people....


  1. One suggestion: try placing the watermark in an area where it cannot be easily edited or cloned out, such as across his body, etc. That was advice given to me by a photographer friend when a relative started passing around my photography without permission. Side note: I don't know you personally, but came across Isaiah's story through your cousin. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy following your story and seeing all his triumphs! I hope they shut down the imposters, it's not right.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! My plan was to go through the middle of the picture.

      and thank's amazing how far Isaiah has come.

  2. This is NOT your fault! I never would have thought that something like this could happen. I can only assume that the person who did this is mentally ill because no person in their right mind would do this. I hope they catch this scam artist! Also, please be aware that you probably do not know who this person is and they might be following your blog... Just be careful. - Tara Friel

    1. oh I'm sure she's definitely seeing the blog. too bad she didn't actually read the info so she could share correct info on OI!

  3. Head up and stay strong. You've built up a lot of support for you and Isaiah!

  4. What's the name of the watermark app? Creeps!!! Don't get discouraged. Many people, me being one of them, are so thankful & inspired by little Isiah. Keep sharing & continue inspiring others ;)