Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank You for Shouting LOVE!

As September winds down, we can't help but look back at how amazing it has been!  Today's post is chock full of people helping to #shoutloveforisaiah.  

Check out how good Isaiah's girlfriend and future in laws look in their shirts!

And one of my BFFs from college (Never Not Together) and her beautiful mini me.  

Look at this cutey shouting love for Isaiah! I think he is literally shouting!

There are even professional models shouting love for Isaiah! ;-)

Look at our amazing cousins shouting love! (Oh hey, did you know there are 6 people in this photo?) :-D

And these two?  I have known their mom since we first met at our bus stop for high school.  Look how great they look!

Another member of the "Never Not Together" BFF who survived being my roommate for 4 years!  That message, Be extraordinary, Life is too short for average is a pretty fantastic message for the baby hiding under it, huh?

Check out Kadie and her mini-me!  They look so good!

And Dave's amazing Aunt...look at how loud she is shouting!

We're feeling very blessed.  It's been so fun to see those we know and love sharing pictures of themselves in Isaiah's shirt.  Thank you sooo much to everyone that has purchased a shirt or shouted love for Isaiah in some way this month!  If you haven't gotten a shirt yet and want one, be sure to check out Go Shout Love's shop on their website...we only have a few days left; September is coming to an end already!

And if you have your shirt, we'd love to see you in it!  Snap a picture and post it to Instagram and/or Facebook! Tag us and if you are a fan of hashtags, tag #goshoutlove, and #shoutloveforisaiah.


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