Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I'm having trouble starting my blogpost today.  I am just in awe of all of the LOVE everyone is "shouting" for Isaiah, for our family and it just leaves me speechless.  (If you know me, you know that the word speechless does not usually describe me.)  Monday began the month of September, and with the first of the month, came so much love thanks to the ladies over at Go Shout Love.  Do you remember my mentioning this excitement back in July?

Well on Monday, this picture popped up all over my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (ha, can we take a minute and laugh at my joining Twitter? Wish me luck because it kind of hurts my head. Also, find me @OIbelieveIsaiah) feeds.

And so began SO MUCH LOVE! I have received many new followers, messages, comments, and love, love, love for Isaiah.

In case you don't remember my post about Go Should Love, let me briefly tell you about what they are doing for our family.  Along with shouting love, they are raising awareness of OI, and raising funds for our family.  They raise funds by offering items to purchase in their these awesome shirts...

 These shirts were created specifically in honor of Isaiah.

Another amazing item, created in honor of Isaiah, is this blanket, made by Love and Lullabies....only 10 are available!

And this print, made by LifewithPeanut.

Our family gets a portion of the sale of each of the items listed above.

They'll also be hosting an auction of items on their Instagram (@goshoutlove and @goshoutloveauction) later this month.

If you did purchase a shirt (and if you haven't and are interested in purchasing one, go here), please share a picture wearing it when it arrives!

Thank you to everyone for shouting love for Isaiah.

Isaiah and I will be headed to AI DuPont tomorrow afternoon...and this time it's for something fun (and maybe a stop in with an ENT. ha)!  They are having their annual radiothon, which started today, and we are going to share our story and our love for DuPont with two radio stations at the Radiothon event!  We'll be on between 4 and 6 pm.  I'm not sure which stations we'll be on, but the 6 stations that air the event are listed on the link for the radiothon.  I was told that we will likely definitely be on WDEL 1150AM, which you can listen to right from their website that I linked for you.  I only have 5-10 minute window of time where I'll be told what station we'll be on and when, so as long as the wifi works with me, I will let you know what station we'll be on through my instagram/facebook

Clearly there are lots of exciting things happening this month!  We are just loving all of the attention we are bringing to Osteogenesis Imperfecta and I can't wait to share our love for AI DuPont.


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  1. I checked out the GO SHOUT LOVE site & it is AMAZING - yay them, yay you, yay Isaiah!