Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adaptive Equipment

Last week, in one of my support groups, I was alerted to another OI mom offering up an adaptive stroller...for just the cost of a fellow OI mom.  She remembered I had been asking around about an adaptive stroller in the group because we've been recommended to get one (due to Isaiah's back issues).  We were just starting the process of getting one but I was not so excited about it...according to many, an adaptive stroller is considered a wheel chair in the eyes of the insurance companies, and you are only eligible for help with a wheelchair every 3 years.  That means that Isaiah wouldn't be able to get a wheelchair until he was FOUR years old, and that didn't sit right with me.  What if he's ready to be independent at two? three?  Then it'd be completely out of pocket and wheelchairs aren't cheap.

This posting was a life saver.  On top of the adaptive stroller, there was also a ton of other equipment available- a bath chair, a "tomato" Tumble chair , and a pediatric positioner set (great for all kinds of supportive positions) called The Tadpole.

All for shipping.  Shipping is expensive, but not as expensive as all of this equipment would be.

But then I messaged the mom who was offering everything.  I did some google mapping.  She only lived an hour and a half away! I asked if we could come to her to get it...which saved her the hassle of finding boxes big enough for everything and dealing with the post office.

I think we were each other's life savers.

So we got in the car on Saturday morning and made our way out of state.  We even received help from Dave's dad, who met us at the house, so we had our trunk plus a whole SUV to fill!

We met our new friend, Hannah, and her mom Val. Val showed Dave and his Dad where everything was and they loaded it all into the car.  Val mentioned she had more for us at another location, so once everything was packed, we sent Dave's dad back to our house and we followed Val and Hannah to get....a little wheelchair! AHH!  And it's fantastic!  They also had a small table that went with the Tomato chair!  

Here we are hanging with Miss Hannah. :)

Isaiah was still recovering from an entire night of partying a few nights before, so he was a grump by this point.  He was also well past due for a nap, and well, I didn't pack any milk for him and he really wanted a bottle (note, I had plenty of other foods for him) since he was being a grumpy gus....we just made it a photo op:

We hung out for a bit, said our goodbyes, and headed home.  (Isaiah fell asleep within 2 minutes of getting in the car. ha)


Since then, we've been having fun checking everything out.  We don't have PT until Thursday, so until then we're only spending minimal time in all of this equipment (we want to make sure it's appropriate for him/set up correctly).

Here's the tomato chair and table:
He can reach his puzzle!

Here's a shot of the adaptive stroller, known as a Kid Kart.  The piece on the left goes in the house and attaches (somehow) to the piece on the right, which is used outside.  Isaiah's PT has a lot of teaching when it comes to this piece. :)

Isaiah really enjoys sitting in the stroller.

I had a moment really reminded me of his future wheelchair....and it broke my heart a little.  The positive is how that smile is the best medicine for a semi-broken heart.

A wheelchair, when he is ready, will give him freedom and the ability to it can stop hurting my heart now.

We've only used the Tadpole pediatric positioner as a back rest so far.  It can also be used for tummy time, but I am too intimidated to use it without Isaiah's PT, so it has to wait just a bit more. :)

He loves sitting up against it.  He kept turning and looking at it; I've never seen him turn and move so much when sitting up! We will have to do some adjusting/adding foam since this puts his back at a 75% angle and he shouldn't sit at more than a 70% angle...but once we have the foam we know Isaiah will be good to go.

The awesome wheelchair is in the garage, since we have some time before we'll be needing to come later. :)

Thank you so much, Val and Hannah, for giving us such wonderful equipment that will support Isaiah appropriately.

We are forever grateful for our OI family.

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