Monday, September 22, 2014

Super Isaiah

Last week, after water therapy, we came home to an exciting surprise package thanks to Go Shout Love partnering with the awesome Tiny Superheroes.

Once open, we read the heartwarming message.

and pulled out Isaiah's very own cape!

It's just awesome.  It has a giant "I" for Isaiah....Super Isaiah! Incredible Isaiah!

It's amazing how proud he looked just placing that cape around his neck. :)

Isaiah wasn't feeling so great right before snapping these pictures, but is better now that his third tooth has popped through the gums.

Even with tooth pain, I'd say he looks pretty super, wouldn't you?

We need to fill out a special card that came with Isaiah's cape, telling about Isaiah's super powers.  So, what are your thoughts? Isaiah has so many super powers; which should we list to go on his Superhero card?


  1. His ability to charm the pants off of anyone he meets with one happy smile. :-)