Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Orbit Baby!

One day last week, I had left the garage open all day.  Life got ahead of me and well, what are ya gonna do?  I realized it right before my head hit the pillow (there's a reason for this random story, I swear!), but I was too lazy to head outside to watch it shut like normal so this time I just shut it from in the house and passed out for the night.

The next morning, I had a dentist appointment scheduled.  Isaiah was coming with me so I was focused on making sure I was prepared to entertain him while I had my teeth cleaned.  I was running late and just trying to go go go.  I opened the garage from the front door, and hurriedly made my way and that's when I saw it.  A pile of two green boxes.


Could it be?  YES! It is! It's the convertible car seat and rotating base that we were dreaming of. 




Guys, along with raising awareness of OI, this is the reason I signed up for Go Shout Love.  

And it's here.  At our house.  And we didn't buy it.

(UPS probably dropped it off while the garage was open and we missed it.)

I found out that the wonderful ladies at Go Shout Love made this happen.  They contacted Orbit Baby and they donated this seat and base to us.

This car seat is amazing.  A number of OI parents have recommended this seat and I've hoped for and dreamed of it for quite some time.  

The base is key.  It rotates.  Once the seat is in the car, Isaiah will still be rear-facing.  I've had nightmares about how I am going to manage to get him in and out of a rear-facing convertible car seat safely.  It's easy with the infant car seat, but a convertible car seat? Yeah, it gives me hives thinking about.

But with the Orbit Baby car seat base and the fact that it rotates?  I will be able to have the seat face me while I put Isaiah in it and then I will be able to turn his seat so he faces the back.  Getting him out? I can just turn the seat to face the door and get him out.

Holy stress reliever.

Isaiah really enjoyed sitting in the seat.  He's not quite ready to use it in the car yet...he's about half a pound shy when it comes to the weight minimum.  And going by these pictures, he looks too short too...but after I snapped them, I learned you can move the pillows down! Now the seat is a much better fit.  I'm actually very interested to see what his PT will say at this week's session.  Maybe Isaiah will be riding in style sooner than we think?

Keep eating those table foods, Isaiah, you have half a pound to gain.

Just kidding... Sort of... ;-)

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  1. love the rotating base! talk about genius! isaiah is totally styling in there, c'mon half a pound!