Friday, September 19, 2014

Go Shout Love Auction

First, I am so sorry to be posting late...I tend to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings but we are on week two of Thursday nights being kind of crazy in this house; I was warn out after last night and honestly forgot it was Friday until my phone reminded me that we had water therapy scheduled for today (thank goodness for the calendar app).

Water therapy went really great until the last 5 minutes.  Isaiah all of a sudden stuck his finger in his one ear and began screaming so we ended early because he was so upset.  I forgot to bring his pacifier with us to therapy so he really had to sooth himself...not as easy task.  He was calm once he was dry and in his stroller though...and then flipped out when I lifted him out of his car seat back at home.  I'm not sure what happened...are we working on yet another ear infection? Could his molar that is popping through his gums be causing pain and he feels it in his ear?  Could it be bone related?

His nap didn't help too much.  Isaiah woke often and upset.  We gave him some medicine which helped a bit.

While Isaiah was sleeping, I grabbed the mail and found the biggest surprise EVER!

He was very intrigued before dinner!

Pictures and details to come on Monday!  Previews can be found on Isaiah's Facebook page. :)

This week has been amazing.  To finish it out, Go Shout Love is running a Fall auction to raise money for us!

It is just chock full of the cutest items....from handmade, crocheted hats and scarves, to wreathes and headbands...there's even a flying monkey costume!

Are you wondering how it works?

-First, you need to have Instagram/a friend on Instagram and a PayPal account.

-Next, you need to follow @goshoutloveauction.

-Browse the items, if you find something(s) you like,
            -comment with your email associated with your paypal account,
            -the dollar amount you want to bid, and
            -tag the highest bidder before you.
-You can bid as high as you want in dollar amounts only (no cents).

-The auction is open to US and international bidders. US shipping will be included in your bid so you do not have to pay extra for shipping. Most donators will ask that international winners pay for any additional postage charge over the domestic postal rate. If you are int'l and win please comment with your country to notify donator so they can calculate shipping costs

-The auction started today at noon and ends Saturday, tomorrow 9/20, at 10pm EST.  

-Tagged winners will be invoiced through Paypal within 48 hours of auction ending.  Once you've paid, your email and mailing address will be sent to the donator.  You will then be contacted for any additional custom or sizing info. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery on most items unless stated longer. 

-Payment is due within 24 hours of receipt. You will be tagged when the invoice is sent. If payment is not received within that time, the item will go to next highest bidder.

-Go Shout Love is not responsible for lost or un-shipped items or items not received. By bidding on an item bidder understands refunds will not be given. 

-If you're private, please check back on your bids and stay in touch as needed since you will not receive tags and notifications. 

-Have fun!

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.  :)

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a shirt or is bidding on an item.  You guys are seriously amazing. :)

And don't forget, if you've purchased a shirt, please share online! You can share on instagram, facebook, twitter....  Please feel free to tag Dave or I and tag #shoutloveforisaiah. :)

Check our Hines Ward shouting love for Isaiah! :)  

Happy Weekend! <3

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