Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Recap

Isaiah's First Christmas was awesome!  It basically started on Saturday, the 21st, with Dave's side of the family hanging out at our house.

We had Isaiah in one of his adorable Christmas outfits, but it didn't last too long since it got pretty warm in the house...

His Baba held him for the first time.   Look at that smile, I think he's smitten!

He also spent some time in his Pop Pop's lap.  He ended up completely crashing from exhaustion shortly after this picture was taken.

We had a lot of fun catching up, feeding our faces, opening gifts, and just enjoying the family time.
Isaiah ended his night in his Grandmom's arms, happily singing Christmas carols and bonding.

On Christmas Eve, this happened.
I'm still beyond excited. He has yet to do it again, but he's been drinking 2 ounces now without issue when he's in the mood.  He's definitely making some serious progress.

Before we knew it, it was Christmas Day!
Hey look, Santa came!

Isaiah is obviously the greatest gift we've gotten this year.

He sure woke up in the Christmas spirit!

We ended up giving him a few gifts to see what he'd think...
Uuuum, hey guys? What do I do with this thing?

Once we were all done opening presents, Daddy read Isaiah one of their Christmas presents and Isaiah took a nap until it was time for a bath and then more family time!  This time my side of the family came to visit!  Isaiah received more gifts and more family time.  It was awesome!

We took a ton of family photos.

Oh hey look! Isaiah not only tolerate being held up now, but he kind of loves it! Hooray!

After photos, we sat down for a yummy meal while Isaiah napped in his room!

It was a wonderful Christmas....
You know it was wonderful, when Isaiah looks like this 10 minutes after everyone heads home.

We've had a few appointments over the last 2 days, I'll share the outcome of them over the weekend.  Until then....enjoy the rest of 2013!

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