Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Isaiah's First Snow

Isaiah was a bit too exhausted on Sunday to enjoy his first actual measurable snow, so since he woke up chipper today, and we're getting hit with another 3-5 inches (although, I think we've already topped 5"), we took him out to experience some serious snow fall...

We bundled him up in his awesome snowflake blanket (made by Robyn) and his wool hat (made by Ginny)...

He was a little taken aback by how bright it is, but his eyes quickly adjusted to the change and he took in the sights.

Sights meaning he just kept staring at whoever was holding him. ha.

aaaand my attempt at a family photo failed. ha  At least we're all smiling? (It's ok honey, your smile is your best feature.) 

Whatever! Isaiah still got to experience SNOW! SNOW SNOW SNOW!

Happy snow day to all who are getting to enjoy it! and to those that have to travel in it, stay safe! <3

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