Thursday, November 28, 2013


As we wind down, stuffed to the gills, we're relaxing on the couch chatting about how much we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, our first as parents.

We're so thankful for Isaiah.

We're thankful for our fellow OI parents.  They showed us we're not alone.  They have supported us since we were 24 weeks pregnant with Isaiah.  They gave us hope.  They gave us knowledge.  They gave us friendship.  They gave us support...and continue to give all that and more everyday.

We're thankful for the wonderful hospitals, Thomas Jefferson and A.I. Dupont, and their amazing staff that has helped us to get Isaiah to where he is today.  They believed in Isaiah and helped to bring him into this world and helped him grow stronger.  They helped us learn how to care for Isaiah.  They listened to us when we brought up concerns and were sure to teach us or learn whenever a situation arose.  They gave us peace of mind while he was in their care.  

We're thankful for Isaiah's night nurses.  They take such great care of Isaiah...and give us a good night's sleep to boot. :)  Each of Isaiah's nurses is special to him, to us.  

We're thankful for family and friends...the family that we were able to celebrate with and the family and friends that we missed this holiday.  We love you all.

We're thankful for Carl. :) We're thankful he's handled the changes that Isaiah has brought to the house. 
Someone needs to tell him that the new comfy stuff isn't for him though...even if he does give us this cute face when we tell him to move it or lose it. 

We're thankful for all the firsts we're experiencing with Isaiah.  Like our first snuggled-up cuddling that we had just this week. It was a moment that all parents treasure....but it's something that we had to wait for and at times that wait could be excruciating.  We had to wait for Isaiah's bones to be strong enough to handle the shift in weight.   We had to wait for Isaiah to give signs that he was ready for it.
It was so worth the wait.

We're thankful for pamidronate (PAM).  It is helping Isaiah's bones grow stronger.  It did give me a lump in my throat during the last treatment...but it's such a wonderful thing to Isaiah.  

We're thankful for holidays, even if they are exhausting.  :)  
Shhhh, he's sleeeeeeeeeping.  

We're thankful for you.  For your prayers.  For your support.  For your love.

We hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by good food and loving people.

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