Monday, November 4, 2013

12 weeks

This weekend was a quiet, happy one.

On Saturday, Isaiah spent some time with his Grandmom Anna.  But not before we tortured him with a bath and tube change.

Look at that face!!  It's like he knows what's coming.

 It wasn't time to change his feeding tube, but we did a bad tape job the last time and when he'd cry, the feeding tube would pop up and down and it made us nervous.

It was good practice, too.  For Dave.  I supported everyone emotionally (cough cop out cough).

Isaiah hit 12 weeks old on Sunday. He welcomed his weekly birthday by sleeping the entire night before (even the extra hour!)

Then I even got brave enough to try long sleeves/pants!  I was afraid of having to manipulate his arms and legs into those sleeves/pant legs, but at the same time I hated the thought of him not being dressed properly for colder weather.  It was such a catch 22 that kept me up a few nights the past few weeks.  We're so glad to be over that! (Especially Dave, he'd like some more sleep, pronto.)

Last Thursday, we met Isaiah's physical therapist.  She was really happy with how Isaiah's moving his head and arms.  He was totally into the toy she was showing and rubbing on him; he was grabbing at it and tracking it.  (So good!)  She showed me ways to help Isaiah's legs stay straight.  He tends to bow them out and we don't want him to become frog-legged as that would was throw a wrench in the walking thing down the line.

Yup, this kid will be walking.  I guarantee it.

She is hoping to put Isaiah completely on his side (off his back, please!) the next time she works with him.  She wanted doctor clearance to do that and Dr. Bober approved of the idea.  Fingers crossed that he not only tolerates it, but loves it!

Happy Monday all.  I have a few posts in draft-form for you so expect to have them rolling out this week.  :)

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