Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pam Day 2

Isaiah received day 1 of 3 of his Pam infusion last evening.  It started late since they ran all those tests on him.  Each infusion lasts 3 hours with 1 hour of flush when it's over.

We were confident, but on edge.  We figured if something was amiss we'd see it in Isaiah in the morning.  This is what we walked in to this morning:

I'd say so far, so good!  Love it! His lungs sound clear.  He doesn't have a temperature.  He's happy and calm.  This is fabulous.

The IV that's in Isaiah's arm is still working beautifully so his care team has had no issues getting day 2 of his infusion started.
That pacifier is a dare.  Don't do it. :)

Ha, just kidding, I'm still in a good mood. :)

While we hang out with Isaiah, we're also getting other things in order.  The team is talking about giving Isaiah his RSV shot before discharge since our home doctor can't get us in until November 21.  (Yes please!)  They are also talking about having us stay until Saturday so that we can do his hearing test on Friday.  He has to be slightly sedated for this one; I'd actually love for him to be in the nicu for it since it'll be his first time with sedation.  He'd only stay until Saturday as a precaution to monitor him; I love how they care for Isaiah!

Isaiah is still off of oxygen! Right now he is sleeping and is stating above what they require.  Normally, they like to see numbers between 92 to 96%.  He's at 97%.  Overachiever alert.  :)  You'll notice in the pictures above that he still has his cannula (that green tube going into his nose); he still has the Trilogy machine giving him what he needs from the C-PAP, it's just running on room air instead of having that boost of oxygen.  Because his CO2 levels have been so beautiful, there is talk about s l o w l y weening him from that C-PAP machine (goodbye cannula?)...but we're in no hurry right now.  We don't want to rock the boat.  

I'll be sure to update again tomorrow.  Thank you so much for your continued prayers!  :)

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