Saturday, November 9, 2013

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has been going extremely well.  Isaiah has only had 2 sessions with his PT but so far she has taught me a lot about how to position Isaiah so that he can work his muscles.

I learn best by seeing and then doing, but the PT and I have an agreement that if it involves manipulating Isaiah himself, then I'll do that (if anyone is going to break him, it'll be me...and I don't plan to go too far passed his comfort zone).

This week his PT showed me how to position Isaiah better in his chair.  It is cushions and blankets galore.

The goal is to bring his shoulders forward.
Woah, look how long my arms look mom!

I'm working on that now whenever Isaiah is in his chair...

Just trying to eat my monkey friend's face, nothing to see here...

The big thing that we worked on, the thing that made me putting Isaiah on his SIDE.  I do this when he's on me, but I've never manipulated him to his side in the play pen, and we've got to get this kid off of his back as much as we can (hopefully tummy time is in the near future...we're waiting until after this next PAM treatment)

Here he is the very first time on his SIDE!
Are you people serious???  What are you doing to me, ladies?!?

As you can see, he wasn't so thrilled with it.  It lasted maybe 5 minutes.  But this morning, now that Isaiah is feeling better after his little breathing episode yesterday and a night of restful sleep, I got brave...

Ooooh, this position isn't so bad.....woah, that seahorse guy that plays music has a belly that lights up? How did I never see this before?

Hmmm, I wonder if I can reach you...

Holy Cow! YES! I CAN touch you! This is SO AWESOME! MOM, take my picture from every angle possible!!

Ok, Isaiah... (proud-mommy-armed-with-a-camera-alert)

aaaaaaaand sleepover.

So, I'm not sure if you can tell, but I'm pretty excited that we're getting Isaiah off of his back and REACHING for toys!  We're just so proud of him.  He was so comfortable that he fell asleep!  He ended up staying in this position for about an hour; that's a big improvement.  Next time, we'll try laying him on his left side, just to mix it up.

Happy weekend all! 

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