Friday, November 22, 2013

Grumpy Gus

The past few days have been a tad rough...I'm having trouble trying to figure out if Isaiah is having normal fussy-baby days or normal OI-baby days...

He goes from looking like this....
to this...
but only [the above] when in the cuddling position.

I took a close look at him yesterday and snapped this picture.
At the time, it looked like he was self-splinting his right leg/right arm.

See how he has those limbs pulled close to his torso?

I have been putting him on his right side.  I also got his pulse-ox cord caught when picking him up at one point and pulled that leg.


(yes, I need to stop trying to blame myself.)

After a good amount of time in tightly tucked in blankets...he looked like this.
Then I started lightly poking at him and even gently pulling his limbs and he just relaxed and let me.

I would think since he let me do that with zero reaction that he's not broken?


Being an OI mom is confusing.

At least we have Sesame Street to help us relax and sometimes smile our way through the fuss.

Here's the video he likes to watch over and over.  It has a perfect message for Isaiah...and everyone young and old.

Today Isaiah is still fussy.  He might be starting to teeth.  It could be gas.

It could be a microfracture.

Who knows...if he looks like he's self-splinting again later today, I plan to splint him with the cotton rolls the hospital supplied us with just to be cautious....

and hopefully we can get back to happy Isaiah soon.  

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