Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fingers Crossed

This morning we left bright and early to head down to DuPont. I had him prepared for the cold and just wanted to eat him up in his winter coat.

Isaiah enjoyed his first snowflurries. 

We arrived at DuPont at 9:15...

We are all comfy in Isaiah's old room in the nicu and they have Isaiah in a big boy crib!

Isaiah had a chest X-ray that came out pretty good (no evidence of new rib fractures and wonderfully clear lungs...but he does have a healing humorous fracture. Sigh).  They ran blood work and all looks great there as well. His co2 is also fabulous; it was 39 last time I looked at the monitor and that was just a skin monitor.  (Healthy levels in the blood are between 35-45, the fact that it's right on the skin means his co2 in the blood has to be beautiful). 

Fingers crossed everything stays this great!

He's been a bit crabby. I'm assuming he's realizing he's not at home.  We made sure to bring things that remind Isaiah of home. 

I think it worked to calm him. ;)

We're now waiting for the Pam to get here from pharmacy and to begin running. We're also waiting for the pulmonary team to get here to run tests on Isaiah's breathing. Hopefully he's made more progress. 

We will surely keep you updated! Please keep your powerful prayers coming. Thank you! <3


Updated to add...Pam is flowing!  They had given him a scalp iv but it didn't stay because Isaiah's crabbiness had him sweating. They went for his left wrist and bingo! We're wondering if Isaiah's foul mood had to do with his dislike of the scalp iv; he calmed once it was removed. 

He's been sleeping since about 6:30 and we're hoping he's out for the night since he had such a long day. 

We're going to hang with him until about 9 and then get some sleep ourselves. Hopefully it will be a quiet, restful night all around. :)

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