Friday, November 15, 2013


Yesterday Isaiah finished his last Pamidronate treatment for this cycle.  
This cycle was perfectly boring; it was nothing like last time.  

Isaiah did so well that Dr. Bober had us sign up for his next treatment in Day Med today. Day Med is just as you'd probably assume- day medicine- we'll come back in 8 weeks Monday-Wednesday as an OUTPATIENT!
Isaiah's thrilled. Us too. :)
Today was a day of giggles with daddy and the staff members of the NICU...that is, until it was time for his hearing test.
His hearing test that was supposed to last 2 hours...
but instead lasted 4.5.
The Audiology doctor said a lot of things that went over my head but the bottom line is that Isaiah seems to have some blockages in his ears.  The structure of his ears is in the normal range.  
She believes Isaiah may have fluid in mid-ear and knows he has some nasty stuff in his ear itself- when she put the little probes in his ears, balls of wax would come out.  Actually, once she pulled one of the balls of goop out from his right ear, the test for his ear improved which was a great relief.

She has to consult with another audiologist and then we'll set a plan to clean out his ears and retest. 

But the bottom line is- he can hear.  It's most likely muffled, but he can. :)

Once, the test was over, Isaiah got his Synagis shot to protect him from RSV and then we hit the road!

Before leaving, we found out that Isaiah is a VIB. 

VIB=Very Important Baby.  :)  

That NICU staff...cracks me up....

and amazes me.

If any of you check out the blog still, thank you for everything you have done for our Isaiah. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  You have been amazing to Isaiah and to us.  You took such remarkable care of Isaiah and taught us so much.  Isaiah wouldn't be in such beautiful, stable condition if it weren't for you.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Once we were on the road, Isaiah passed out. (Seriously, I'm not sure we were even out of the parking lot yet before he fell asleep.)
See those numbers?  His oxygen level is 97%- OFF of oxygen, while passed out asleep (the green is his heart rate: 109=deep sleep).

Isaiah was off of oxygen for almost his whole time in the NICU.  He was on some when he was crabbing on Tuesday, and had to go back on for a short time today when he was sedated, but we drove the whole way home with Isaiah breathing room air through that C-PAP.

ROOM AIR! Hello, strong baby!  Guess you didn't want to sleep through your whole ride, huh?

Once we were home, we gave Isaiah his dinner... and he passed out- again.  
I swear he knows he's home and loves it.  He's so relaxed again.  We actually just put him back on a tiny amount of oxygen because he dipped a few times when he fell back to sleep in his play pen.  We plan to leave him on it tonight so he can get a safe, good night's sleep and then we'll see how he feels about breathing room air tomorrow. :)

Thank you to everyone for praying for and sending good wishes up for Isaiah.

You were heard yet again.  Amazing.

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