Thursday, November 7, 2013

Isaiah's Angels

Many say that November is the month of thanks.  I don't think we've experienced a November where we've felt more thankful.

We're so incredibly thankful for Isaiah's angels.

Isaiah's angels come from all over and have reached out in ways we'd never imagined.

Angels like the Farley Open Members and the donors who gave to the Farley Open Charity.  The Farleys and the Martins, and so many donors we've yet to meet, did something for us that I haven't quite found the words for.
Thanks to them, Isaiah will have exactly what he needs when he needs it. 

Some of Isaiah's angels are current friends and old friends.  Some that I've known since I was 5.  Some since I was 14.  Friends that donated to us and provided us our incredible stroller and more.

Some of his angels are family members, like Aunt Ann and Uncle Santo, along with Cousins Sal and Kate who came to pick up clothes at nine o'clock at night so they could have them altered for us.

Or like cousin Molli, and her two friends, Mikey and Claire.  They are Team Isaiah and are running a half marathon on November 16th in honor of Isaiah.  They've raised over $2000 for the OI foundation.  They are inspiring.

Some of his angels are acquaintances we have and people who've heard our story through friends and family.  They are members of churches that banded together and prayed for our Isaiah; they prayed for Dave and I.  They continue to pray for our family.  They are members of churches in Pennsylvania and in Texas.  Loving members of churches that created beautiful prayer blankets for Isaiah to snuggle in, blankets with knots that were each tied with a prayer and a lot of love.

We're in awe every day....between our miracle boy, Isaiah, and the amount of love and support that we're received from hundreds of people.

People that are amazing.  Generous.  Loving.  Dedicated.  Supportive.  Godly.

We're humbled.

We're grateful.

We're amazed by you.

Thank you.

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