Friday, November 8, 2013

Calling All Prayer Warriors

This morning has been tough.  Although Isaiah had a good night of sleep, he awoke this morning grunting and having difficulty breathing.  We gave him an Albuterol breathing treatment, as recommended by his night nurse, to open his airways if they were blocked.  He's breathing better, but his heart rate is still high hours later (it's a side effect of the treatment; it just seems to last longer than ever mentioned by professionals).  Dave was on his way to work once Isaiah started sleeping, but when Isaiah started coughing 30 mins later, I called him to come home.  We've spoken to Isaiah's pulmunologist.   He believes we're through the worst of it and that it was just a bad episode (like the last time we went to the ER) but told us to head to the ER if we hear noise in his lungs again.

What was comical about this whole thing, is when I hung up with Dave, crying because I was feeling scared, Isaiah smiled and I'm pretty sure laughed as well.  He did that this morning during the treatment, too.  I guess my crying face is hysterical.

When Dave got home, he fussed like crazy- cried, screamed, sweated... and then....

Cracked up. Our worried faces sure are funny looking. 

Please pray that it was just an episode and that he's ok. 

On another note in which I am begging for prayers...the date's officially been set to go back for Isaiah's bone treatment.

Isaiah will be going in for his next PAM treatment on Tuesday, November 12.  Although I am so happy for his bones, I'm nervous for his respiratory system.  Can it handle this?  Will he react the same way as he did last time?

The positive is, even though he'll be 3 months old, he's headed back to the NICU for his treatment.  I may have fist pumped like a champ when the doctor told me this.  They're amazing.  They listen.  They know how to handle and care for Isaiah.

They saved his life.

I forever love them and I wouldn't be against him staying there for every hospital stay until he's 18.  (What? Can't we make that happen? This some day aging-out business is hooey.  Hooey, I tell you.)

Please pray with us.  Please pray that Isaiah, our little miracle, is now old and strong enough to handle his bone treatment.  Please pray that his reaction last time was just a one-time thing: once and done.  Pray that his lungs are strong and free of fluid and that we won't need to head to DuPont before Tuesday.  Pray that the IV will go in smoothly so that we can again avoid surgery (to put in a central line so he can get the PAM that way...and he'd get a g-tube while he's sedated too).  Pray that we'll be home by the end of the week!  Thank you prayer warriors, we know Isaiah has gotten this far and done as well as he has thanks to you. <3