Sunday, June 2, 2013

Celebrating Isaiah- Part 1

This weekend was quite the party for me.  It began at work with our end of the year staff breakfast...which turned out to be a surprise shower for myself and 2 of my coworkers.  We're all having babies:

Megan is due in October, Steph is due in September, and I am due in August.

Everyone surprised us with Children's books!

We enjoyed good food...

And good company....

We laughed and we the same time. :)
(Steph isn't shown in this picture, but she was pointing and laughing along with me.  
Love you, Megan!!!)

It was a wonderful way to celebrate our babies.  We're so grateful for our generous and fabulous coworkers/friends.  Thank you, Paradise!  <3

Part 2 is coming shortly....I was lucky enough to continue the party on Saturday with more friends and family.  :)


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