Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm sorry, did you say 50%?!?

Well we may have gotten completely soaked just walking into the house from our car, but if that's the worst part of today, we'll take it.

The best part of today? The oxygen test.

We went to Jefferson Hospital today for an OB visit, an echo that involved some oxygen, another ultrasound to check Isaiah's growth and break status, and a meeting with a neonatologist.

The OB appointment went smoothly- my blood pressure was 116/72- not too shabby given my worry of how Isaiah would be doing on the oxygen test. And I've only gained 1 pound since my last weigh in (I really don't know how that's possible given Dave's birthday/Shady Maple trip, carnival food, and movie theatre popcorn...but I'll take it!)

Once we were finished with the OB appointment, we were whisked off to an ultrasound room with our old friend Dennis for the echo.  He checked out different areas and measured their oxygen levels and had labeled everything"room air".  Isaiah seemed to be sleeping soundly.  Dennis hooked me up to the oxygen and we waited 10 minutes...He continued to sleep; he moved only a little, so I was a little worried he wasn't responding to the oxygen again.

That would mean his lungs aren't developing as they should be....not good.

But I noticed as Dennis was measuring, the blips were higher and closer together.

We finished up and Dennis took us out to the waiting room.  It was there he said to us "Your baby did very well in the oxygen test.  We look for an increase [in oxygen] of 20%, your son had an increase of over 50%."

I'm sorry, did you say 50%?!?!?!

Yup. That's what he said. Cue hugs all around, even a kiss on the cheek from Dennis (he has a daughter my age) and just glee.


While floating on cloud 9, we made our way to lunch and enjoyed some seriously delicious sandwiches at Au Bon Pain.  Seriously, go there if you ever have a chance.  Their chicken/avocado sandwich? YUM.  Moving on...

We ate quickly and were back on the ultrasound table with Heather before we knew it.  She took measurements of his long bones and a few short bones that she could see in his left arm.  She also measured his head and torso.  Isaiah is starting to run out of room in there so it's getting tough to get good measurements.  They took another 3D ultrasound of his ribs.  They saw his adorable foot.  We watched him practice breathing (good job, Isaiah!).

We met with the doctors who informed us that Isaiah has seen some more growth! He is looking better than expected!  There were no new "observable breaks"!

He's measuring 2 lbs, 12 oz and is in the 27th percentile.  Although he's small, that's to be expected.  As long as he's between the 10th and 90th percentiles, they aren't concerned there.

After our meeting with the OBs, we took a tour of labor and delivery, including the nicu (I was so distracted by the teeny tiny beautiful babies!).  We sat down with the neonatologist, Tammy from Dupont, and Alexa (from the MFM office) and they answered questions we have and told us about their experience with babies suspected of OI.

After that meeting, we went back to MFM and met with the OBs again.  They still don't want to set a date for the c-section, but are confident it will be somewhere between 38-40 weeks (before 40 weeks).  They said we'll set that the next time we meet- 4 weeks from now.  We'll do another OB appointment and ultrasound.

I just have to say, the team they are forming for us is amazing.  They are kind, optimistic, knowledgable, and willing to listen and learn as much as they can about OI.  (Side note: Dr. Weiner went down to Dupont to shadow Dr. Bober in the Day Treatment center and met some families that were there for their PAM treatments.  I actually found out about this from a wonderful mom in the support group...he was full of questions and listened to a number of parents.  Amazing.)

So there you have it....a picture-free post (sorry, ultrasound picture to come when I get off my butt and pull it out of our bag) full of good news.  Let's hope they continue to get better with every appointment. :)

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  1. yay, so happy to hear this good news! good news is good news, with or without pictures :)