Sunday, January 5, 2014

Independent Baby Alert

Ok, not totally independent, but almost.

Isaiah is starting to get very handsy; he has moments where he touches everything he can.

oooooooooooooooooh, this ball is awesome.

Today, he took that hands-on behavior to a whole new helpful level.
Bam! Our baby can hold his own bottle!

Isaiah is doing SO good with his eating.  Neither Dave nor I have touched the feed machine for day feeds in well over a week.  This guy is now taking full feedings during each meal and is even taking a bonus bottle before bed (which means less to take in over night during his continuous feed) almost every night.

He's also still burping like a champ.  He handles bouncing up and down so well and seriously belches like a teenage boy trying to impress his friends.

He's gotten so strong!

Isaiah is scheduled for his next Pam infusion this week, so we'll be heading to DuPont a few times this week.  This will be the first time in Day Med, so no need to stay overnight at the Ronald McDonald House this time.  We'll be coming home with the IV still in each night, hoping to only have to stick Isaiah with a needle once.  We'll be very busy during our DuPont visits- Isaiah will be seen by pulminology, talking about his progress with his eating (I'm hoping to take out the NG tube and see how he does without it), and talking with a pre-op team about possibly putting Isaiah under anesthesia to clean out his ears and see what to do next on that front.  We'll also be meeting another OI family or two and are very excited for that!

Here's hoping for safe travels and a medically drama-free week! 

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