Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hanging Out

We're still trucking along with the bottle!

Isaiah did drop an ounce between last Thursday (the day before removing the tube) and Monday so I am back to weighing him every other day to keep tabs on that.  At first his doctors wanted us to start fortifying Isaiah's formula since he is so close to taking the amount that he needs (he had been taking 20 oz all weekend- 22 is the goal).  I am holding off on fortifying his food as I weighed him this morning and he is back to 10lbs 11.5 oz.  Plus he's eaten more the past 2 days; 23 ounces on Monday (porky pig!) and 21 yesterday.  He's getting there.  He can do it on his own; he just needs some time. :)

Isaiah is finally big enough for his Hugga-bebe!
We love that he can hang out in it because it hopefully means others will be able to hold him up in the near future!
He has to get used to it before that happens...but we're using it for a few minutes everyday so that he's as comfy in it as he is in his swing. :)

Yesterday I wasn't feeling so hot so we watched a few cartoons in my and Dave's room while Dave was at work.
Do you see the joy in Carl's face?  The misery in mine (I was exhausted)? And yes, Isaiah is in the background completely sucked in to the Disney Channel (  
He sure liked hanging out and cuddling (and so did I).  Once Isaiah fell asleep, I moved him to his room and I napped as well. (I felt much better after that! Sometimes I miss the sleep I used to get... haha)
I just had to share the picture above.  Carl is also getting tummy time on mommy, so it seems.  I find this pretty hilarious...but I need to get out more. lol

The updates may slow down a bit for a week or so as we're just hanging out. You know I'll pop in with an adorable picture or 10 though. ;-)  I have added a new tab to the top called "Adaptations".  It's a page I added to share how we adjust things to work for Isaiah.  Be sure to check it out; I'm sure we'll constantly be adding things! :)

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