Monday, January 27, 2014

Post of Randomness

Does anyone else notice how light Isaiah's hair is getting again? Who's entertained by his comb over? Anyone?  

No? ok, then here's the mohawk for you....

I really have no news to share, just cute photos of Isaiah loving his toys.  No word on surgery, but I called and talked to half of the hospital trying to get to the specific secretary that I specifically specified. I finally got her voicemail. At least I think it was her....

I plan to give them until Wednesday and then I'll call everyone again.  Or ask Dr. B. who he suggests I speak to (cough cough, maybe he can help me get the ball rolling...)

Or the wheels spinning. whatever.  If we can't get that wheel spinning, at least Isaiah can get his toy wheel going.  (What a lame transition to a new topic...Anyway, that toy is stinking awesome.  It's by Sassy and I highly recommend it. Plus, I saw it at Kmart and it's only $6!)

If we have any more news, we'll be sure to update. (We're pretty boring right now.)  I should probably share a post about Isaiah's eating as we've been facing some challenges, but I want to have things under control for a few more days before sharing.  No worries though, all is good now. :)

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