Monday, January 20, 2014

Surgery is Coming!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! :)  

We've had a few pretty uneventful days here in the Martin house.  Isaiah spent a good portion of  Friday recovering (which means he slept about 18 hours when all was said and done.  He so takes after his mommy!) and cuddling with momma.

Yup, tummy time is going well.  He finally finds cuddling with me to be a great place to completely relax and fall asleep. :)  He's also been working those neck muscles.  

The above happened on Saturday and I haven't been able to go a nap time without hitting play on this video.  Holy cow, Isaiah is developing head control! Already!  This is something we didn't expect for months (at least a year if I'm being honest).

Besides that awesomeness, Isaiah has been spending time in his Graco car seat/stroller.  He still squirms and hates the buckles, but he loves rolling around the house in his stroller so that helps him deal with the straps.  We're still slowly working on tightening those straps.  It's just so scary, ya know, how tight you have to make them.  It's just so tight on his fragile body!  We know they need to be in case we'd have an accident (or even just if we stopped quickly while driving), but still, super nerve-wracking.

We're getting there. :) Isaiah is scheduled for surgery this week. (Talk about nerve-wracking)  By the end of this week, Isaiah will have his ears cleaned out (although, if you watched the video above, it's pretty clear that he can hear) and a port put in.  We'll definitely be updating on the blog from the hospital, so stay tuned! :)

Until then, I leave you with this adorable smile from this morning. :)


  1. Oh my WORD! This is Erin (Isaiah's (ex)-shot nurse). One of the girls at work clued me in to your blog. LOOK at him holding his head up! That is SO exciting!!!! I'll look forward to watching him more as he grows (and I must admit, I'm kind of happy I don't have to do his shots anymore!!!)

    1. aww, hi Erin! yeah, he's doing SO good! We'll miss seeing you at Roseville but happy you are hanging with your little one :)