Monday, January 6, 2014

Our First Day Med Experience

Well day one is done! 

Our car ride to DuPont and back was extremely quiet...because Isaiah passed out asleep. :)

When we got there, Isaiah was HUNGRY and he let the whole place know it. Once we were in a bed and situated, we were able to give him a bottle. Boy, did he suck it down! He ate almost 4 ounces!

Once he was done and burped, he was one happy baby. (Poor kid didn't know what was coming.)  They put warmers on his hands and legs to get the blood flowing. 

It took 3 pokes (my poor baby), but they were finally successful in his favorite arm. Sigh. 

Since it didn't happen so smoothly, they are officially ready to put in a port. The surgeon was willing to do to it tomorrow (!!) but since they were successful, we're sticking with the iv through this cycle. He's going home with the iv wrapped and we're just praying it stays accessible so he doesn't have to go through the process again. 

Isaiah was a happy camper once his bone juice was flowing. 

While pam flowed, we saw Isaiah's PT at DuPont. She showed us how to make a tray for Isaiah when he sits in his bouncer chair using boxes!

How great is that?!?  She recommends putting contact paper on top too so it wipes clean easily. Smart!

I'm hoping to have more time tomorrow to run up to the nicu to visit the staff and baby Gavin! Ah so excited to see that little one :)

Alrighty, day 2 tomorrow! 

For now, we rest on the car ride home. 
(Yup, that's an oxygen level of 98% on room air and a relaxed heart rate of 100. #gobabygo)

Good night, all!

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