Saturday, January 11, 2014

5 Months + Eating Update

First of all, I seriously can't believe Isaiah is FIVE MONTHS OLD!

Apparently neither can he!
Say what now?

Isaiah has grown to be super interested in his toys.  He grabs them, stares at them, and shakes them around if they are light enough.
I made a tray for his chairs using a cardboard box, as suggested by both an experienced OI momma and the PT at DuPont.  It's great because he can still sit reclined (he can't sit up straight just yet; that could cause compression he doesn't have head control yet).  It's also giving him independence; he can play without me right there holding his toys.

When it comes to the trial-run off of the NG tube, I believe things are going great!  Isaiah took a little over 20 ounces yesterday.  

He only woke up once for a bottle in the middle of the night (at 1:30) so we even got more sleep than expected!  It's not even 5:00 and he's already taken 13 oz today!  Go baby go!

After his afternoon meal, he even got in a little tummy time today.
Baseball butt!

I'll continue to update on Isaiah's bottle drinking progress.  I'm feeling good that we just may not be seeing that NG-tube again. :)

Except from pics from the past, like the one below...

Can someone tell me how I forgot to post this picture on New Years Day?
Happy Belated New Years! Hooray 2014!

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