Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 3 of Pam + Goodbye NG Tube

Day 3 of Pam went well.  Before our time in Day Med on Wednesday, we had a pre-op appointment.  Isaiah was weighed (10 lbs 11oz) and measured (21 inches!).  We spoke with an anesthesiologist, a nurse practitioner, and a rep from respiratory.  They are working to get a number of people's schedules to coordinate for Isaiah's surgery to a) put in a port so they no longer need to try for an IV for his Pam infusions, b) clean his ears out c) do another hearing test while sedated.  It'll definitely be an overnight stay since it'll be Isaiah's first time under anesthesia.

After our appointment, we made our way to Day Med where Isaiah passed out asleep while in the waiting area.
But before we knew it, it was time to head in.  Pam was supposed to start at 1:30, but pharmacy had some kind of issues and it didn't get started until 3:00 (which meant we closed Day Med again).
Isaiah did a lot of sleeping during this day.  We had someone from pulminology stop in.  They were supposed to do a breathing on Isaiah one day during our time in day med but apparently they didn't make time for it (I may or may not be a tad annoyed by the mix up).  I'm working right now to set up an official appointment for it for the next infusion.  We're not going to make a trip to DuPont just for that, given that it's like a 5 minutes test, especially knowing that they'll likely want Isaiah to stay on his C-Pap until flu season is over.
Anyways, once Pam was done, they had to get some blood for pre-op.  Sadly, it didn't work through the IV so they had to stick him again. :(  But he braved his way through it and was happy to have his right hand back!

Today we're starting Isaiah's trial without his NG-tube.  !!!!!

I gave Isaiah a thorough bath today while he happily hung out with zero tubes attached.

Happy Baby Alert!
I love not having any tubes, momma!
Look how handsome I am!

Once Isaiah was all dry and dressed, I popped his cannula back on since he hasn't been cleared to be rid of that tube yet.  (It sure was nice looking at his bare face though.)
I did end up taking it off for Isaiah's feeding.  His night nurse has noticed Isaiah always has a slight wheezing sound in his right upper lung when she gets to our house, but it resolves itself by morning.  She wonders if it has to do with the pressure or the C-Pap while eating or if his reflux is rearing its ugly head.  That's another email I'm sending to Isaiah's pulminologist today. haha.
Isaiah is already off to a good start this morning.  4 ounces down!
Here's hoping we can keep that NG tube outta his cute little nose!
Happy Friday all! I'll be sure to keep you updated on the trial-run. Fingers crossed!  :)

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