Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Musician in the Making

Evenings in this house are often filled with music.  Dave brought his guitar upstairs to the living room a few weeks ago and when Isaiah starts to get fussy before bedtime, he pulls it out and parks himself next to Isaiah.

Recently Isaiah has begun to get in on the guitar-playing action.

Is this not one of the most adorable sights ever?

I don't know what he likes more: the music coming out of the guitar or how Dave makes it come out of the guitar.

I feel like he's thinking "Hey Dad, let me play!"

The guitar is a great way for Isaiah to veg with his daddy and relax before bed.

This morning he woke fresh, happy, and pulling off his cannula. LOL  After a nice bath, we retaped his cannula back on, but not before snapping a picture of our handsome boy tape/tube-free.

So stinking cute!

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