Friday, January 24, 2014

Pregnancy Love

This morning I got to thinking about how I never put up a post about my pregnancy (I blame all my pregnant friends haha).  I was meaning to post back in August/September, but with all the NICU business and new parent craziness, it went to the back burner.

5 months later, with a napping baby and quiet house, and 100 other things I should be doing, here we are.  A post about me. (Don't worry, there's some pics from this morning at the bottom of this post.)

Besides the obvious "life or death" worries, I kind of loved being pregnant.

Why yes, I was one of those weirdos that took a picture in the mirror every week. (and.I.don'

I had a few bouts of tummy troubles in the beginning, but they resulted in my eating better and losing weight (who loses weight while pregnant? This girl!)

Once I was over that, I loved not caring about how much I ate since I had some extra poundage to make up! ha  

Cheesey pretzels. I could not get enough cheesey pretzels.

I only gained a total of 16 pounds (don't hate.)  14 of which I lost within the first week of Isaiah's life. (ok, you can hate a little.)

I loved seeing Isaiah in the ultrasounds and hearing his heartbeat.  
ahh, toes!

I loved feeling Isaiah move around.  It wasn't as often as other babies move (which is common, according to a number of other OI mommas who have other kids), but it showed he was alive.  There were times I struggled and worried about his movements, but I knew that when he was going, he was feeling so good at that moment.  It was the greatest when he moved strong enough that his daddy could feel him.

His hiccups made me giggle.  It was really fun watching him hiccup during an ultrasound once!

And then there was all the cuddling with Carl.  Saying he loved my belly would be the understatement of my pregnancy.

There are so many thoughts that I know I wanted to share in this post, but that's what happens when it comes 5 months later.  Boo on me.

So am I the only weirdo who loved being pregnant? Yes? well, that's ok because.....


Get it? Mom made a funny.

So, for your daily dose of Isaiah (ahem, Casey), I give you Isaiah napping on his side.
He wouldn't go to sleep without his Mickey.
BFFs holding hands. (Ah melts my heart)

We still haven't heard from DuPont about rescheduling Isaiah's surgery.  I'm giving them until Monday and then I plan to call and get the ball rolling if it is't already.  Happy Friday, everyone!

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