Monday, January 13, 2014

They See Us Strollin' ...

They hatin'...did I put that song in anyone else's head? No?

So guess what Isaiah and I did by ourselves?!

It was such a nice day today that I could not resist taking Isaiah out for a walk. All alone! Just the two of us!

and he survived!! :-P

He loved strolling up and down our street. He would stare at the trees; he even got to see a plane pass over!

He's still rocking his bottle and NG-tube free!
Isaiah + his bottle = BFFs <3

He had been averaging about 20 ounces the past 3, though, his 4th day without the tube, he upped his intake to 23 oz (so far)! His goal is 22 so my little porky poo is a hungry one.

He's been sleeping up a storm.  I'm not sure if he's in a growth spurt or if it's from all the extra work eating, but if I wasn't such a spaz checking on him, I could have enjoyed an entire night of uninterrupted sleep last night because he slept through the night!  He had been doing that when he was getting the continuous feed, but I wasn't sure we'd continue to be so lucky once he had to work for his food.  Hooray to my sleepy kiddo!

When he's awake, he's been even happier than he normally is.  I think all the burping has been helping with all the gas problems he used to have...that or maybe the switch to Gentlease Formula...either way, I'll take it. :)

He loves cuddling with his daddy...and he is very much a morning person!

See that smile? That's what I got greeted by after each and every slumber today.  And do you see those legs? They have been kicking like crazy since Pam!  Love it!

I hope everyone enjoyed the break from the ridiculously chilly winter we've been having.  I think I was spoiled by the past 2 years, with random weeks in January full of 50 and 60 degree temps.  I wouldn't mind a whole week of that though, I'd be a pro walking Isaiah by myself in no time!


  1. These daily updates and pics are so precious-thank you for sharing your journey with Isaiah! Maybe I can come visit when flu season is over?? ��

    1. DEFINITELY! Shoot me a text whenever you'd like to visit. We'd love to see you!!!! :)