Monday, June 23, 2014

Sleep Study, Take 2

We arrives at the Ronald McDonald House (RMH) on Saturday afternoon to relax before Isaiah's sleepover with Dave over at AI DuPont.  I joined Isaiah for his first sleep study two months ago.  At that point he had been completely off of his c-pap for a month and we had thought he'd been doing well, but the results of that test showed he had obstructive sleep apnea and that we needed to put Isaiah back on his c-pap for his night time sleeps. (He could stay machine-free for naps as long as his oxygen saturation stayed at a safe level.)    

His doctor ordered this sleep study to make sure that the pressure that Isaiah's c-pap was giving is enough for him (Isaiah uses a pressure of 5, which is the lowest setting possible.  It could go up to 9.)  Lucky us, we know we have at least one more sleep study in the future to see if we can take Isaiah off of his c-pap.

Anyway, when we arrived at RMH, we got settled in.
Somebody literally fell into tummy time. That somebody has a monster on his butt.

After some tummy time, Isaiah sat UP in his Boppy chair.  He loved exercising his neck while playing with daddy.  Warning, the look on Isaiah's face will make your heart melt (ok, maybe it just makes my heart melt):
Yup, my heart is now goo.

We had a nice dinner that even included a dessert! Ice cream cones!  Isaiah had his first really big bite of ice cream.
Clearly, he loved it.
Shortly after dessert, it was time for the sleep study.  I had the time wrong.  We went over to the hospital at 7 when it fact we didn't need to be there until 7:30. Woops.  Bonus visit to the NICU! (aka happy accident)

Once 7:30 hit, we headed to the study area.  They quickly got us into Isaiah's room for the night and he promptly passed out while waiting for his crib to be delivered, which caused a bit of a problem: he wasn't hooked up to a thing.

Oh, I didn't mention, our exciting afternoon excluded a nap (well, we tried and failed to get him to sleep) so he was exhausted.  The respiratory therapist that was to set Isaiah up for the night tried to get me to keep him awake but well, no.  His normal bedtime is 7pm.  He missed his nap and was beyond tired.  I'm his mom and I said no.  


I'm a jerk.

Not really, I'm just a loving mommy.

Once the crib was in the room (um, 8 o'clock now?), we moved Isaiah over.

How cute is this?

and the ladies in charge got to gonking him up.  At first, he was not a happy camper.

But once everything was done (8:30pm) and he calmed down (that process took a good twenty minutes), he smiled his adorable smile.

It was around 9 that he started to fall asleep so I ran away bawling my eyes out. Why?  Because this was the first night away from my baby since his nicu days, and even though he daddy would be with him, I would miss him and my arms ached just walking down the hall.  The plan was for me to get my first decent sleep in over a week (teething is a struggle).  It was a good plan, really, it was.  But of course I instead woke every few hours, tossed and turned, checked my phone for updates, and willed 5am to get here.

Once it did, I went to see my baby.  I waited outside the study area until I heard him screaming, then I texted Dave something smart alecky about the crazy alarm clock sounding a lot like our baby and he came and let me in.  Turns out they were unhooking him first.  (YAY!)

He had a pretty good night.  His oxygen never dipped below a safe level.  Not once!  Oh, and did I mention that something went wrong with the c-pap and he had zero breathing assistance until 3am?  #gobabygo Dave said that at 3am, he fed Isaiah a bottle and they put a c-pap mask on him.  He was only monitored for less than 2 hours while on the c-pap.  Hopefully Isaiah's doctor got enough data.  I know he wanted a full night on the c-pap and he surely didn't get that, but given he had zero episodes with zero c-pap pressure? That sounds fabulous to me.

Once we were back at RMH, we gave Isaiah a nice bath, he cuddled a bit with Dave in bed watching The Incredibles, and then we put him in his pack and play for a nice 2 hour nap.

We had a lovely Sunday together and look forward to our Pam party with our buddies this week.  Look out Day Med, here comes some adorable OIers!

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