Friday, June 20, 2014

We're Alive, We Promise

Sorry for the lack of updates, friends!

When we're not crying from teething, we're cuddling, napping, briefly playing, or just taking a breath. (ha)

Happy Friday to you! This weekend Dave and Isaiah are having a sleep over at the hospital for a second sleep study (this time with his c-pap to make sure that the pressure he's currently getting is enough). aka I'm getting a full night of sleep on my own (yeah, right, we all know I'll be worried).  After that, we're having a Pam party with our friends Gavin and Silas. :)  

Be on the look out for a few updates on the blog over the next week.  The FAQs are WAY outdated and I'm hoping to add some information as I have time (hahaha. time.)

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