Friday, June 27, 2014

Water Therapy Update

We had a water therapy session today and although I thought Isaiah might be a grump monster, he basically jumped right in the pool instead!

He loved stretching out, splashing, reaching for the water flowing from the watering can, and grabbing his toes.

And although he looked skeptical, he enjoyed every minute in the water.

Isaiah also had a great night playing some tunes on the guitar.

Seriously, doesn't it look like he's plucking the strings?

He seemed to wake up with a tight neck, so he got to be helmet-free to help that get better.  He's also had a low-grade fever.  Although he's been acting normal (except for the neck after his afternoon nap), we think maybe it's related to his Pam treatment this week.  Or maybe his tooth (which I doubt because it's definitely cut through, and sharp!).  Or maybe one of a million other reasons. ;-) #babiesareconfusing

We thankfully have a lazy weekend ahead of us. Hopefully you have a fantastic one!  :)

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