Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some people go to the beach for vacation...

We go to the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.

and we're totally ok with that because we've had a blast!

After Isaiah's sleep study, we visited Isaiah's Nan Nan, Pop Pop, and Aunt Tricia on Sunday.  We really just called them up spontaneously and asked if they wanted a visit (since the study went so well and everyone got some unexpected rest).  We got back to the McDonald House in time for dinner and our buddy Silas' arrival!

Early Monday morning was the start of this Pam infusion.  "Pam" is short for Pamidronate.  It's the medicine that Isaiah gets through his port that helps his bones.  He always feels fantastic once Pam is over; it does wonderful things for him.

We spent some time vegging and watching the Disney Channel while waiting to get accessed and for Pam to get started.

Before we knew it, our first day of Pam was complete.

Isaiah was a bundle of energy so we decided to join our friends for a visit to a local handicap-friendly park, the Can-Do Playground!

We had a lot of fun swinging and rolling all around the wheelchair accessible jungle gyms.

Day 2 involved a lot of hanging out with our OI buddies.
Rollin' with Silas!

Getting big kid advice from Silas's big brother Isaiah.

After Pam was over, we headed back to the McDonald house for family nap time, packed a bit, and then met our OI friends for dinner.  After dinner, we all had a ton of fun in one of the play rooms at the McDonald House.

Isaiah LOVED playing with his buddy, Gavin.

Today is the final day of our Pam infusion.

We're so sad to leave our friends (especially Silas and his family since Silas has grown enough to extend his treatment. yay and boo) but happy to get back home to Carl.

Honestly, Pam infusions are so wonderful for our entire family, and a big part of that is because of the time we have with Gavin and Silas' families.  We feel normal for 3 fantastic days every 8 weeks.  We feel happy, especially since we're giving Isaiah the opportunity to spend time with others just like him.

We're so thankful for the support groups we are a part of that have helped us meet so many members of our OI family and we're just so grateful to make what could be a lonely 3 days feel like a party instead.

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