Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Best PT Session Yet!

So did you see my tease yesterday on Isaiah's facebook page about this week's PT session?

If not, I just mentioned that this session was the.best.one.yet.

Not just because Isaiah showed awesome head control while sitting in his cool boppy chair AND wearing his helmet....

Nope.  Because of THIS:


This may not seem like a huge deal but let me tell you...IT IS A HUGE DEAL!

This is Isaiah's highchair.  It's a Tripp Trapp (with infant insert attached) and I wanted one soooo badly.  Isaiah's awesome cousins each have one and it enables them to sit at the table with their parents, which I just love.  Well, we got one, and were nervous with the severe OI diagnosis, but I was one determined-to-get-what-I-want woman and Dave was one scared-of-his-crazy-pregnant-wife man so he agreed.  I was all "it'll be fiiiiiiine", but then he was born, and well, it wasn't so fine.  We weren't sure how to get his legs in the holes (you can't exactly yank them through).  We had no clue how to get him out if we were even lucky enough to get him in.  We weren't sure if he'd ever have enough control or if this chair would put pressure on him in ways that could break bones.

We put it into storage until last week.  Since then, it's sat there in our dining room taunting us.  On Sunday, I held him next to it noting how wonderfully high the back is.  The cushion we got should be very helpful to protect him from the hard surface....we figured why not give it a go during PT this week?

I'm so annoyed with my photo-taking skills but I was just so excited that I wasn't paying attention to how the pics were turning out.  At least his smile is fantastic.

I asked Isaiah's PT her thoughts.  She looked a little concerned but after some analyzing she agreed we should go for it.  I tried first but got scared (ha) so Dave gave it a go while I guided Isaiah's legs in the holes, and voila, he gets to enjoy puffs at the table now!

Clearly he's mesmerized by Puffs.

He gets to play at the table now, too!

We're SO happy!  Not only did he show us fantastic head and torso control, but he was THRILLED to be in this chair, in this position.  He stayed in it happily for a half hour and the only reason we took him out was because he was obviously looking tired and didn't want him to go into the cranky zone (there's no escaping!).

This isn't something neither Dave nor I could attempt on our own with Isaiah just yet but you know what? Neither were diaper changes in the beginning.  And baths? Yeah right!  But after some experience and time we've become experts in those skills (ha) and we will with this too.  Isaiah will also become an expert.  I predict that we won't always have to guide his legs in the holes; he'll learn to help us.

This is a huge step for our little guy.  Or should I say BIG guy? Because seriously, he looks like such a big boy in his high chair!  This is a huge step for our family! Isaiah no longer has to sit ON the table at dinner, he can sit NEXT to us.


(Side note:  Did you notice he was helmet-free while in his high chair?  Yeah, that's because I was chicken to have the added weight with something new and I knew he'd be happy to have the helmet off....it went right back on after he was out of his chair though.  That's probably how we'll do it until we feel better about the ins and outs of the chair, then once we feel confident, he'll wear the helmet in his highchair too.)

Updates on the helmet and cannula issues are coming this Friday.  HOORAY HIGHCHAIR!

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  1. yay highchair!!! HUGE progress!! isaiah is a rockstar!!