Friday, June 6, 2014

What's This? Another Helmet Post?

Earlier this week we went to Dupont for a helmet check and a visit to a respiratory therapist.  Since Dave was able to join us for our morning trip, I sat in the back seat with Isaiah so he was able to ride with his helmet on.

Oh that smile. 

This time, since he had the helmet on, the guy from Lawalls looked more like this when he saw us:
and less like this:

The helmet check went well.  Isaiah's helmet didn't need any adjusting this trip so this time we got the go ahead to switch to biweekly check ins.


We also had good luck with the respiratory therapist.

Although Isaiah looks shocked, don't worry, it's because he's basically thinking "aw, darn it, they figured out a way to make me sleep in this thing!" How did we not think to put the cannula under the velcro?  Thank goodness for experienced respiratory therapists!

Here's a picture of Isaiah sporting his helmet at our local library. :)

We've had two nights with the helmet on.  The first night was ROUGH.  He was up a lot, crying out, and his heart rate was a bit higher than normal.  I ended up taking it off at 5:30am just to give him a break (which he appreciated, and it showed because he then slept hard until 8am).  Last night went much smoother.  I think it's because we put him back on one of his old blue mattress pads...sigh.  We keep his head off of the mattress pad, but his body is on it.  We think he needs some support under his torso (when laying down) to keep him more comfy in the helmet.  He slept much better last night, and it showed with a normal night time heart rate.

It should hopefully be smooth sailing now.  He's gotten very used to the process of putting the helmet on and taking it off, and he really doesn't mind it at all during the day, so we know he'll adjust quickly to full time wear.

Come on beautiful round head! Hopefully this reshaping will happen quickly.  Even though Isaiah is getting used to the helmet, we'd prefer to move on from this soon, although he does look cute in his little fish bowl...  :)

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