Monday, June 9, 2014

Dinner as a Family

We had friends over for dinner on Friday night.  For the first time, instead of sitting on the table, Isaiah sat with us, at the table

It was fantastic.
Isaiah was thrilled. (Blurry picture alert)

He didn't last the entire meal though (sitting up is tiring!).  I ended up popping him in my lap while I finished my dinner.  Funny thing is, he'd get mad when I'd put the food in my mouth!  He totally wanted it in on Friday night, he had his first teeny tiny bites of chicken, broccoli, and corn casserole.  He didn't swallow the broccoli, but he was all about the chicken and corn casserole...and honestly, I'm not surprised on the refusal of the broccoli given his aversion (and actual retching) to pureed green beans or peas when offered.

It was a night of firsts for Isaiah.  Along with his first table foods, our baby waved!  We thought he had been working on it for some time, but this was the first time it was completely obvious, Isaiah was saying HIII! (with his hand).

Here's a video that we caught.

We bet he'll be talking soon, too.  Goodness...we are blessed.  Just think, it was only 6 months ago that Isaiah was eating through a tube and living in the living room with night nursing, always lying down... and now he is wanting to steal my table food and sitting up in my lap. Wow.


  1. Beautiful moments-thank you for sharing his night of firsts!

  2. Hey Isaiah, way to go dude! I'm just popping in to see how you're doing. I cannot believe you're 10mths old already! What a big man! I'm a little jealous of your hot tub too :) I'm so glad your mommy & daddy have this blog so we can follow your progress. I think of you from time to time. Your mommy & daddy are doing awesome! Take care for now my little friend :) Hugs, Toni (Jefferson ICN)