Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Water Therapy at Home

Recently, we made a big purchase in order to give Isaiah water therapy at home.  He was only approved for one measly half hour session a week at Schreiber...which honestly has a tendency to get cancelled if he has an ear infection, a suspected break, or if his PT needs the day off.  The constant cancellations don't work for us, and although we are definitely continuing (as his PT is fantastic and teaches us ways to help Isaiah), we wanted to be sure he got at least some time each week in a pool-like setting.

This weekend we set up our new portable hot tub, called a Soft Tub, on our little back patio.  It's just about two feet high, which is just perfect for Isaiah.

At first, he wasn't too sure about the adventure...especially adding in the wet suit....

but he warmed up fast.

Water therapy is so important for Isaiah.  It gives him the a place to safely work on trunk control and strengthen his muscles; strong muscles do a fantastic job supporting weak bones.    

Currently, we are encouraging lots of movement, sitting up, reaching...and vegging in bubbles...

I love that it even has jets!


For those that are friends with me, you may have noticed Isaiah and I were having a tough day on Monday.

So, every mom has a moment they screw up, right? I had numerous moments recently.  It started a week ago when I called in Isaiah's Prevacid prescription.  I knew the box said "dr auth required", but when his other med's box said that, the pharmacy called us, called the doctor, and got it all squared away for us.

Well, Isaiah's Prevacid is compounded, which I was told is hard to get in many local pharmacies, so we were stuck using Walmart pharmacy- great for convenience, terrible for service.  (Yup, I'm talking about you, Walmart on Fruitville Pike.)  Not that you ever expect great service at a Walmart, but seriously, we have had trouble every single gosh darn month we've needed Isaiah's Prevacid.  We always have to come back at a later date, they somehow no longer had Isaiah's secondary insurance info, they were out of stock, etc.

Ok, I'm ranting.....well, apparently at Walmart, when the box says you need doctor authorization, you have to call the doctor and get things moving; apparently Walmart's system disregards your request and somehow has no information about your request for your prescription in their system.  I hadn't called the doctor myself...and because every other time I've called in his script and been told to come back 2 days later than what I was told by the automated voice on the phone, I waited to go get the medicine.  I waited until I needed Isaiah's Prevacid.  Stupid stupid stupid.  That was on Saturday, ya know, not a business day.  LONG story short, I was told by Isaiah's doctor's office that the script has to be re-approved which would take DAYS.  In those days, Isaiah got more and more grumpy.  He'd arch his back.  He'd shake his head like crazy.  He'd stretch and cry. He'd burp a lot more and get really upset after burping.  OT was wrecked and should have been cancelled because he was a mess when eating.  He was definitely feeling the lack of his medicine and it was all my fault.

To make matters worse, Isaiah ended up flipping backwards when I was holding him/prepping his lunch on Monday, hitting his head (thankfully while wearing his helmet) on the cabinet door.  I was confident he broke something.  His neck, a bone in his spine, a rib...he cried for a long time.  We got pain meds on board.  This was also my fault.  I should have set him down to prep his food.  Also, if he had his Prevacid? He wouldn't have flipped back.

It was awful.  And I was majorly beating myself up.  I did a lot of wallowing into a bowl of ice cream.  I did a ridiculous amount of crying.

Then I dropped my lap top. Oh, and I noticed Isaiah has some drainage coming out of his one ear.

More ice cream.  More crying.  Grab the drops from his medicine bin, you know the drill now, Vicky...

After a miraculous full night of sleep, I ended up calling our insurance company to see what was going on with the Prevacid prescription and the wonderful man that answered helped me get everything fixed. After the prescription was approved, I called our other pharmacy asking about the particular type of compounded Prevacid, and THEY HAVE IT!  Not only do they have it, but they called Walmart for me to transfer it! Woo hoo to moving on to the local 24 hour pharmacy that helps to make its customers' lives easier. (Yup, that's you CVS on Lititz Pike, behind AC Moore.  Thanks for being awesome.)  We were able to pick it up within an hour and get it back into Isaiah's system.

Another miracle that occurred? On Tuesday morning, Isaiah was rolling all around, playing, and watching Mickey.  He wasn't totally himself; he wasn't all smiley...He was full of burps and grunts after said burps, but he wasn't crying like after he flipped back.  Maybe he's ok? We stopped the major pain meds and all has seemed ok so far...fingers crossed he didn't actually suffer a break in the flipping fiasco on Monday.

Oh, and miracle number 3? My laptop survived.  It makes a crazy sound when I open it, but it works gosh darn least for now...

So, I'm done being mad at myself for what has occurred the past few days, I'm not happy with myself, but we all have days like this now and then.  It just stinks when your mistakes affect your kid.  I'm ready for my little love bug to be back to his smiley self now.

Oh hey, Isaiah is 10 months old today! Bonus post later today! It'll be more exciting and less about my wallowing in ice cream, I promise. ;-)


  1. Sorry to hear about your prescription problems! We ran into the same issues when Jack was on the compounded Prevacid. We switched to the Solutabs (which are easy to dissolve in water and given with a syringe) and haven't had any problems since :)

  2. i love that soft tub, so cool!! and you are a doing a GREAT job, mama! you didn't get frustrated and wait it out, you made it happen! (and yay CVS!)... fingers crossed there isn't a break! and thank goodness for ice cream ;)