Monday, June 2, 2014

Baby Babbles

I finally caught a video of Isaiah babbling. Look at this kid go.  Obviously this will be the area he takes after his mommy...

I'm not sure what I love more, Isaiah's talking or the successful pffffft at the end. Oh I LOVE this kid.

We had a quiet, DIY project filled weekend so not too much going on with Isaiah besides keeping him happy through all the banging.  He enjoyed some time outside while we laid some sod, all while wearing his helmet.  He's doing well with it.  Our trip to DuPont this week involves a visit with a respiratory therapist who will hopefully help us solve the whole "how do we make this work with the helmet and the cannula?" issue. (In case you're just catching up, Isaiah is wearing a helmet to reshape his head.  He should be wearing it 23 hours a day but he's only wearing it for 12 since he has to wear a nasal cannula (tube in his nose) at night to help him breathe efficiently while he sleeps.  We haven't figured out how to safely fit the cannula on Isaiah with the helmet on; obviously Isaiah's breathing beats reshaping his head.  We're looking forward to getting some help!)

We hope you had a fantastic Monday!

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