Friday, May 30, 2014

Tired of all the Helmet Talk Yet?

Ok, then instead of focusing on the helmet, check out Isaiah's awesome chair!

My baby is sitting in his Boppy chair!  It's similar to a Bumbo but safer for Isaiah (padded, leg opening is much wider).  I love the tray it comes with and the fact that it's travel friendly (it folds up nice and small and can be a booster seat in the future).  

Isaiah doesn't have complete head/torso control so he has to have some padding around him for now, but he's getting there and it's wonderful to see him sitting all the way UP!

The head tilt that you may have noticed is a part of his torticollis.  His head leans left and tilts right.  We're hoping as he gains strength that he can correct this as the strength exercises normally done wouldn't be so safe for him.  We modify what we can, but it's very much up to him.

The torticollis is the reason he has the helmet....he loved to keep his head one way and it was hard for us to change the position too much when he had the c-pap attached to him 24/ here we are with the helmet.

I'm glad we went with the plain blue gave us a blank surface to work with....after 2 weeks of staring at it, we came up with an idea.  It kind of looks like a fishbowl, doesn't it?  And those that know us, know we are big Disney lovers.  So tonight, before bath time, we pulled out some stickers and...

Isaiah found Nemo!

The stickers won't stay forever.  I had read about modge podging stickers on or painting the helmet with acrylic paint, but this was just the first attempt.  I'm sure Isaiah will have many looks with his helmet as time goes on...

Isn't it cute? Don't ya love how I got the curl to stick out today? ha.

We're big fans.  Isaiah wasn't a fan of the process...but smiled when he saw the end result in the mirror.  Although he may have been smiling because we were making fishy faces at him....(and no, there's no picture proof of that, thank you very much).

After Disney-fying the helmet, Dave and Isaiah had some daddy/son time.  They read one of Isaiah's favorite books....

And made some music...

Until Isaiah passed out asleep.  Sometimes this kid is just too darn cute...Happy Friday! <3


  1. love the finding nemo!! happy friday, friends!

  2. Too adorable!!!!

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