Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wishbone Day Recap

Yesterday was incredibly exciting.  This Wishbone Day we worked with Senator Mike Folmer to declare Wishbone Day official through a Resolution!

 Isaiah and I sat in Senator Folmer's chair on the Senate Floor.

We took official photographs.

We sat in the balcony while everything came to order and Senator Folmer introduced the Wishbone Day Resolution.

The vote didn't happen until the end of the day.  But guess what?

Wishbone Day was introduced AND adopted! YAY!

We're so grateful.  Oh so grateful.  Thank you Senator Folmer, Senator Smucker, and Senator Fallon Binner. ;-)

While we were in the Capitol, our friends and family were busy turning our Facebook pages yellow.  We are in awe of how much love and support we received.  We received over 200 pictures!!  Bananas now need to be a tradition for future Wishbone Days as this was the second year in a row they were included.  (Last year, a creative individual held up bananas because he didn't have yellow.  This year we had one person hold up a banana and one person dressed as a banana.)  This year we introduced wearing yellow paper- whether it be on a teenager or on a stuffed goose.  

I think our favorite part of Wishbone Day 2014 had to be the fact that the main goal of Wishbone Day was accomplished ten fold.  So many friends spread awareness of OI!  Here is just a sampling of what came across my facebook timeline yesterday...

YOU ANSWERED!  YOU SPREAD AWARENESS.  You are phenomenal, truly.  Thank you so much for everything you did for us yesterday and everything you continue to do.

This has taken me all day (putting pictures together in iMovie was a whole lot easier last year when I didn't have to entertain my baby haha), but without further ado...

Wishbone Day 2014 from Vicky Martin on Vimeo.

Only 364 days until Wishbone Day 2015! What will we accomplish then? :)

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