Friday, May 23, 2014

Random Friday Update

Oh hey, check out this guy getting ready for a daytime nap! Do you notice anything missing from Isaiah's crib? (Pssst, I'm not talking about the C-PAP; he only wears that at night.)

Isaiah is sleeping free of his mattress pad! He has been all week and just LOVES it!  It makes the 3am parties so much more fun for him because he can wiggle his way around and around (and he does wiggle).

I still use the mattress pads post-bath since I dry him off on the table still, but I'm sure that'll switch to our bed soon as my next personal goal is to get him taking baths in the bathtub (no more bathing on the table, please).

Oh hey, and check out this other first- SHORTS! Although pants are totally overrated, he does look pretty snazzy in them.

Isaiah has been slowly progressing with the helmet.  He's much more tolerant of it in the morning as compared to later in the day.  He's still free of it during naps and nighttime but by Saturday he should be staying in it for naps.  Hopefully he doesn't mind too much.

Lastly, I just have to share....I've been very concerned about Isaiah being frog-legged, and although he does often lay with his feet on their sides, lately they've been turned to a more natural position!  This is HUGE in my book.  He's doing this on his own....aka not because rolled up blankets are forcing them into this position (like I have in all of his chairs).

Go baby go! Oh hey, and maybe in the future I'll button the bottom of his clothes so he's not basically hanging out with the equivalent of his fly down.

Happy Friday! I hope your fly is up! :-P

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