Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Leg Update

Sorry for skipping out on a Monday post yesterday, I found myself out in the garden during Isaiah's naps instead of on the lap top.

This weekend, we spent some time with family and some time healing from that broken leg.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was a plenty.
Eating helped, too.

Sleep and play were limited for the most part on Friday and Saturday.  Sleep was the worst for Isaiah.  We decided his femur must have been fractured as he was affected by some very ugly spasms.  Those spasms would wake him every 10-20 minutes, and he would wake screaming in pain, no matter when he had received his pain medicines.

That was the hardest.  Not being able to stop that horrible pain? Ugh.  Our poor baby.

I emailed Isaiah's geneticist, who emailed his ortho, who called me and agreed that a small dose of Valium would help settle the spasms and help him sleep.  It took some work on the part of our regular pharmacy, but we got a small amount of Valium on Friday night and it really helped Isaiah sleep soundly.

The only other thing that made Isaiah happy was walking.  We did a lot of walking, sans car seat!  He's a big kid now riding in his big kid stroller! (Luckily I thought to go over this with his PT  at physical therapy this week.)

We walked for over an hour on Friday and took multiple, shorter walks many times over the rest of the weekend.  The stroller was his happy place.

Isaiah started feeling better on Sunday.  We kept his leg wrapped but stopped the meds by early Sunday morning.  Yesterday we removed the wrap and so far so good!

He had his 9 month check up today.  No shots at the 9 month! Yay!  He doesn't so much fit the mold of the 9 month check up but he's made good gains in his weight, progress in his communication skills, and is obviously doing well.

Time to cut this update short as Isaiah has decided he doesn't need a long nap today! I hear him yelling at me to come get him, so come get him, I shall. :)

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