Friday, May 2, 2014

Official Facebook Page

Oh snap, 2 posts in one day?

This is just a quick "wanted to let you know" that I created a facebook page for Isaiah, predictably named OIbelieveinIsaiah.

It'll be a place to go to for quick updates (like when we're in the middle of a Pam trip, a surgery, or sickness) or adorable pictures I'm dying to share at.that.very.minute, but the blog will continue to be my main source to post to (I try to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week...unless it's a hectic week or we have more to share.)

Dave and I are both admins so expect updates from both of us. (My control freak side completely took over this blog.)

So be sure to "like" the page and perhaps share with friends and family.  :)

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