Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brotherly Love

Carl's love for Isaiah is really obvious lately.  

It's either that or he really likes all the comfy stuff this cute kid comes with.

"You caught me, mom.  His stuff is super soft and fits around me perfectly!"

Either way, I've really been enjoying how their relationship is evolving.

When Carl is around, Isaiah will twist and turn, wiggle and wobble his way to see him, touch him, and hear him.  He belly laughs like you wouldn't believe when Carl meows.  Carl had been keeping a slight distance (unless Isaiah was asleep)...

Until Isaiah broke his leg.  It's like Carl knew.  He laid by Isaiah's side a lot.

Or hovered like a helicopter mom ( #helicoptercat ), standing guard near by.

Although I know Carl is a gentle guy, I'm always an arm's reach away when these two are close just in case.

"Where's my car seat, mom?" -Carl

(I seriously didn't realize how many pictures I had of these two knuckleheads until I went to write this blog post.  It was so difficult picking and choosing which shots to share with you!)

I know that these two are growing into the best of friends.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tickle, tickle!