Monday, May 26, 2014

Helmet Update

Isaiah has done a great job with his helmet while playing in the house...but when it comes to traveling in it, it makes us a bit nervous.

Do you see how his head is forward? His chin is on his chest?  It makes us nervous given his history of respiratory problems.  We're afraid if he sits in this position that his oxygen will dip; this is a scary reality, especially considering we are taking (long) trips on our own.  We also don't want Isaiah to be uncomfortable, and who would be comfy in that position? 

So we're going to start over after this week's appointment.  I am basically going to plant myself in Lawall's Orthodics and refuse to leave unless they help me figure out how to:
1) have him sit safely and comfortably in his car seat.
2) allow Isaiah to lay down wearing both his c-pap and his helmet.

Ok, so I'm not going to "refuse to leave" but I'm going to be firm.  or I'm going to beg for help.  

For now, we are being a little loose with the helmet schedule.  We shouldn't be, but we are.  I'm just too scared right now.  I'm so scared that Isaiah is going to have trouble breathing.  A round head is not worth causing breathing problems.

So after a lot of stress, we let it go (for now).  We relaxed.  We had fun.

We blew bubbles again...


We found new ways to enjoy the pacifier...

We took many walks, enjoying this beautiful weather...or passing out from the comfy ride.

We'll let you know how the Lawalls Orthodics people help us this week and hopefully he'll be back in his helmet asap.

Happy Memorial Day! :)

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  1. you guys are doing a great job, you're listening to your instincts! and you are so right, a round head is not worth breathing problems!! hope you're having a bubble filled memorial day! :)